Excel Cross-section calculation according to VDE

Excel Cross-section calculation according to VDE

The Excel table Section calculation according to VDE Making engages the construction industry in calculating the eponymous value to be laid Direction power cable under the arms. The computer refers not only the voltage drop with the determined values, but also factors such as the type of installation.

Section analysis VDE download for electrical engineers

The resulting temperature in the conductors is considered as well as the fuse. The Excel spreadsheet to the sectional calculation according to VDE expects based on this input, the required thickness of the power lines with little effort and in accordance with the applicable DIN regulations (VDE 0298-4: 2003-8). With the cross section calculation download electrical engineers have the opportunity to enter a project name and a processor, and a final multi-line comment. All fields with predefined values ​​either have a drop-down menu or can be changed via direct entry.

Section analysis VDE DownloadSection analysis VDE download for professionals in the construction industry (Photo: Jens Schürmann / Editorial)

check cable cross section and document cable design

Of the Section calculation according to VDE Download especially appeals to electrical engineers, as well as others in the construction industry craftsmen working. Those who want to quickly lay out a cable or check cable cross section has to usually only own simple table at hand, is calculated using the roughly based on the voltage drop. The free Excel spreadsheet for calculating cross-section according to VDE goes a step further and proves to be a useful aid to design fast and effective cable to check the cross-section and state the cable design reliable.

print documentation and lay to the project documents

Rather than merely view the voltage drop, other relevant factors such as accumulation, temperature fuse, current-carrying capacity and routing are considered and documented. The Excel spreadsheet is the DIN VDE to a large extent. Clear and out, the user enters the required information. He then receives information about the minimum cross-section shown or checks a given cross-section on its admissibility. The documentation can be printed and can be applied as proof of its own calculations, the project documents. To the Scope of the calculation tool include the following:

  • Calculation for cables for fixed installation
  • Installation Type A1-G (no burial)
  • Free voltage selector
  • Calculation using current or power
  • Ambient temperatures of 10-65 ° C
  • Accumulation (tube wall, channel) to 20 cable
  • Accumulation (cable tray / conductor) cable to 9
  • Free input of safety devices and line impedance

Section calculation according to VDE Download TableFree Excel Cross-section calculation by VDE as a useful aid (image: Jens Schürmann / Editorial)

Pure demo without data fields for filling

the custom built documentation to the languages ​​German, English and French on a selection box can be switched. Other languages ​​can be translated by the user and integrated. watch for, that it is in the present here file is a pure demo version. While this provides an outlook on the operation of the Excel spreadsheet for calculating cross-section, but does not include data fields to fill out. Other programs in the field "construction & craft" Free download available in our software catalog.

Limitations of Excel Cross-section calculation according to VDE

Non-functional Flash demo.