Netflix watch offline or record. That's how it's done!

Netflix watch offline or record. That’s how it’s done!

Updated on January 26, 2016: And one more piece of news regarding the Netflix ** * Offline mode: It is now possible for users to store content not only on your phone or tablet. As long as you go about the Netflix app is now possible to select the location. Say: Also on the SD card series episodes and movies can be stored and viewed offline later. This protects the internal device memory extremely and will give most users more space for new Netflix replenishment even without Internet.

Updated on November 30, 2016It’s actually come! Finally the offline mode in the Netflix app is integrated! This means: It is now possible to completely legal and without detours to watch offline with Netflix series and movies. And that’s not even hard:

use Netflix offline: How to

Several trains make the start, more content will follow. Which of them ultimately downloaded and can be viewed without an internet connection, you can see the download arrow next to the result and the description of the film. If you press this, the content is stored as long on the device until you look at it later. It could therefore not the point. If you want to then access it later, start series episode or movie without existing or stable Internet connection.

Original article of 14 January 2016: Who wants to watch Netflix offline series and movies, looking such a function in vain. Serienjunkies & Movie buffs can read how they can watch their favorite tracks without power here!

Anyone wanting to use the road for the streaming service after downloading the Netflix app, stumbles occasionally too slow or non-existent Internet connection. A trick the Netflix titles can be also viewed offline.

Netflix offlineNetflix offline see? That’s how it’s done! (Picture: Netflix / Editorial)

No Netflix offline feature

Unlike vendors such as max cathedrals or Amazon Prime subscribers of Netflix can use the service only with an existing internet connection. The reason for calling Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt said in an interview. Thus, the users are primarily interested in a platform that is easy to use. Too many choices, the complexity of Netflix would increase contrast. In addition, the Internet coverage would get better and without network less and less frequently, making an ever smaller demand goes hand in hand after an offline mode. So it is not expected due to the company’s philosophy that Netflix imitate it the competition. Who would not want to give up your favorite series Nevertheless, on the plane or in dead spots and Netflix want to see offline, can resort to the following trick.

take tools to Netflix

Currently, the desired title with an external software must be recorded. For this, a so-called screen capture video recorder or a screen recording software is required. Like a VCR, these programs draw on everything that is happening on the monitor – also movies and series. With these records to Netflix can also be used offline – in a figurative sense. The downside: you should calculate some time for the duration of the recording corresponds to the season. However, most recorders have a timer function, so you can easily create overnight recording. Here extensive selection is on software that can record video.

Are such records legal?

Here you go into a legal gray area. In fact, copies of legal documents (as is the title on Netflix are) allowed for private use. However, actually only for private use, that is, the copies may not be made accessible to other, are not published online. However, users in violation of the rules of the streaming provider, because it states:

“You agree not to archive the content and information that are available on Netflix available or that you received from or through the Netflix service, download, to duplicate, distribute, modify, display, perform, publish, license […] “

To be on the safe side, should for this reason either switch to a provider that provides an offline mode available or use Netflix with existing Internet connection.