With the MAGIX Music Maker Download come arrangers and amateur musicians get to. Sound bites the Music Studio automatically adapts to the song tempo, is produced on request in Dolby Surround 5.1, and videos set to music by Audio tinkerers. The necessary expertise amounts to exactly zero: place snippets, move, have fun.

MAGIX Music Maker Download with integrated synthesizer

MAGIX Music Maker is based on the use of clock-friendly sound samples (loops), which it also has the same few thousand of different current styles from rock to hip-hop to techno on board. In addition, the music makers now also scores with a built-in MIDI Editor allows you to play your own tunes. To play the recorded notes, users use either one of the integrated synthesizer or own VST instruments. For sound shaping makes Music Maker hobby composers a whole range of filters and effects and instruments to choose from. To this end, a (rock) drum machine joined as a synthesizer together with mixer with equalizer.

MAGIX Music Maker Download

A recording tool is on board

To record their own voice or singing the virtual recording studio also has a recording tool on board. Finished recordings or other samples edit amateur musicians in the included MAGIX Music Editor. Conveniently, MAGIX Music Maker built-in sound snippets automatically adjusts to the selected by the user beat. The cumbersome convert the tempo is a thing of the past. For accurate cutting of their own songs, the music program offers a microscope that allows you the elements gets in the appropriate size on the monitor. MAGIX Music Maker is rounded off by an export tool for YouTube and similar portals. A private fuel module for perpetuating the works on CD and DVD brings the shareware.

MAGIX Music Maker download versions

Thousands of new sound bites

The latest version brings new virtual sound module. This includes the DN-1e synth, Electric piano, vintage organ, Power Guitar, Pop Brass and drum engine and Jazz Drums (partially only in the Premium Edition). In addition, thousands of new sound bites of various current genres are included. Very practical are the two new features Auto Mastering for excellent sound with a few clicks and the vocal tuner to adjust the pitch in vocal tracks. In addition, users can now import their projects and continue working with Music Maker. MAGIX Music Maker makes music production for beginners available. But for true-professionals, the music studio in between is suitable certainly for a quick beat. Also convenient is the publication on Facebook, YouTube or SoundCloud directly from within the program. All in all, brings Music Maker considering the price range a really good amount of music production in a home studio. No more - but no less.

Limitations of MAGIX Music Maker

30 day trial