WISO Steuer 2016

WISO Steuer 2016

Of the WISO Steuer 2016 Download offers a simple way to disclose his income in the treasury. The software is suitable for non-self-employment (including commuters) self-employment and business enterprise, investment income, income from rent, lease, agriculture, forestry and foreign income.

So the WISO control works 2016 Download

By WISO Steuer 2016 Download the tax return is on the PC a breeze. After entering the basic data such as address or marital status revenues and expenditures are requested. If you have already made a tax return using the software in previous years, some data can be transferred directly to the current. After entering the data, the software displays how much money you can expect from a repayment and where users can still save. A final Troubleshooting checks the data for inconsistencies or missing. The tax return can be easily printed or in connection received via ELSTER over the Internet to the tax office.

WISO Steuer 2016 DownloadAfter WISO Steuer 2016 download User will be guided step by step through the tax return.

Save time with the pre-completed tax return

The tax office has already come up with a whole lot of data, for insurance companies, financial institutions, employers and authorities are required to report certain information to the tax authorities. These include electronic income tax certificates, payments for health, nursing care and pension insurance as well as the wage replacement benefits, data on state-sponsored pension agreements or pension messages. This information can be retrieved from the servers of the tax office and apply for the tax return. This saves time and typing errors.

Video Tutorials & Sample letter for the perfect tax return

While users are guided step by step through the tax return should remain open questions still help numerous tutorials on. There is also an extensive user manual with additional tips and hints. With over 250 templates and sample letter communication is facilitated with the tax office. In addition, the comprehensive manual provides information on more tricks in data entry and provides guidelines for the optimal use of the software.

As software for Mac or PC or directly as a web app

The tax return Tool can be used either as a download or online in a web app. Both variants are chargeable. However, it is available for free trial download. This can be calculated how high the tax refund fails. The trial version of WISO Steuer 2016 download is used indefinitely. However, the expression or transmission via ELSTER are locked until the shareware is purchased for a fee. The price of activation is currently at EUR 29.95 in tax savings contract. To use the free trial, the following action code must be entered: TSP2016.