log on Pinterest - it's that easy

log on Pinterest – it’s that easy

Will you look at the photo and video community Join Pinterest, it requires only a few steps and the most beautiful images can share with the world. read here how nimbly logs!

Printerest works like a digital whiteboard, collect the user the most beautiful images and ideas of other users – or inspire through their own pins people. For anyone who wants to discover more than 50 billion pins, there are the free Printerest app for download.

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Whether is easy on your phone or computer, the application after registering with the tool. Printerest provides the ability to log in via Facebook, Twitter, Google or email. To do this click on the point Log hiding among the options for registration. Depending on to which account you have registered, you will select the corresponding variant from the resulting dialog window for the application. One is currently logged on to the device used in one of the applications mentioned, is a click and you have logged in. In the other case the password only needs to be supplemented and clicking the Sign In button.

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Forgot Password

In the numerous applications, programs, tools and apps that is necessary for the registration, can ever forget a thing or password. On Pinterest is not the end. reset by clicking on password and entering the e-mail address is the old password removed. To set a new password, just click on the link in the e-mail message. However, options for security reasons prevented the determination of passwords that were used recently. In an emergency, it complements the old to a few special characters – the so supposed to be present in any password. Once the password is reset, applies the new on all devices on which the tool is used.

Email is not recognized

If you want to sign up via e-mail on Pinterest and the address is not recognized, there are the following options to solve the problem: If the account with Facebook or Twitter is connected, you can log easily on these applications. You should not have registered via these channels on Pinterest itself, one must willy-nilly try all possible email addresses and request the password reset for each. That’s a bit pointless, but almost always leads to success. In most cases it is just a typo when entering the e-mail address or password, which prevents you can log in to Pinterest.