WARNING! Cooking Fever Cheats should not be downloaded. The cheats only bring viruses and Trojans rather than free diamonds. here's how you safe & legally comes to the stones!

The Cooking Fever Download currently tops the charts of iOS and Android apps. In the entertaining time management game it is important to remain calm and to bring culinary delights on the table pronto. The diamonds are needed for upgrades from kitchen appliances and unlocking new locations and, unfortunately, are permanently in short supply.

Cooking Fever CheatsCooking Fever Cheats promise free currency, however, such balances are the work of Photoshop and not a functioning cheats.

Finger of Cooking Fever cheat codes away - so there's free & legal Diamonds:

As I said, from the Cooking Fever Cheats also the most avid kitchen assistants should stay away. The salinated all gamers with dangerous malware enjoyment of the game. Quite the sparkling currency can not do without, however, with the best will. Who wants to invest any real dollars in in-app purchases can come in four ways the coveted stones within the game.

1. playing regularly

The simplest and easiest method to be implemented in order to get the premium currency, the daily starting the app. From the eighth day there are two diamonds for every application. But only if no day is omitted. In this case, you have to log in again seven days after another to collect diamonds back from the eighth.

2. complete quests

Sure, you met a task successfully, there is a reward. While players should not always expect a crystalline distribution; But now and then waving the precious clunkers.

3. In casino play at Risk

With any luck, our third variant is connected. Who goes to the casino and who Fortuna is thou propitious, can win the sparkling currency here.

4. liken Facebook page

Within the in-app purchases, there is an area that can be dusted in the free diamond - for example, if the Facebook page is gelikt.

The Cooking Fever Hack with the time

The next clue is none of Cooking Fever cheat codes in the proper sense; and really fair play, he is not. But with a little trick, can be activate on "semi-legal", a few upgrades or venues prematurely. For this, the app is first closed. Now in the system settings, the date and time option is called. Then there are every day two diamonds, to set the date just one day on. If you open the app, the tiles move to the gaming account.

Cooking Fever Cheats Time This Cooking Fever hack is for the impatient.

This trick is a bit annoying, but repeated as often. Following the date and time simply reset, so there are no problems with the calendar or other services.