Is there True Detective on Netflix and when will the True Detective Season 3? These questions occupy many friends the exciting US cult detective series of HBO. We reveal when and where the True Detective Stream can be seen and the background to it. More here, see the following!

True Detective not on Netflix in streaming deal

True Detective got exceptionally positive reviews and cleared a large number of Emmys and Golden Globes. But if you True Detective tested for Netflix will be disappointed not to find the serial on offer at the popular streaming provider and thus can access the Netflix app on the True Detective Stream not go.

True Detective Season 3 has not been officially confirmed

The broadcast of the first season took place in early 2014 at HBO, True Detective Season 2 followed in June 2015. In this country, the Serienjunkies came in April 2014 on Sky Atlantic to enjoy the entertaining TV series. Whether there will be a True Detective Season 3, is still unclear. An official announcement for the True Detective Season 3 does not exist, but some evidence suggests that there will be 2,017 more episodes of the crime series.

True Detective NetflixIs there True Detective on Netflix? Unfortunately, no.

Cleverly change between the time levels in True Detective Stream

By way of background story: With True Detective Season 1, the two former investigators rust cohle work (Matthew McConaughey) and Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) with on an unsolved murder case. The two former and very unequal Detectives Louisiana State Police will reconstruct their investigative work related to a ritual murder of a prostitute in the 1995th The reason: 17 years later, a similar corpse has appeared, so the investigators close to the same killer.

The special thing about True Detective is the clever switch between the two time levels. Hart and Cohle be asked about their investigative work and findings, since their work is no longer documented: A hurricane destroyed the police archives with the files to murder. It is in a so-called True Detective "anthology series", In the True Detective Season 2 Thus new cast members, places, and stories can be seen,

Netflix and HBO are competitors in the streaming business

Back to the original question: Why is True Detective not appear on Netflix and will this change soon? Unfortunately, the answer to the latter is "No", Similar to "game of Thrones" HBO presents its direct competitor Netflix's own hit series and blockbuster series not available and this will probably not change unless a miracle happens. Netflix and HBO themselves produce their own TV series and jockeying for the attention of customers in the streaming business and the rights to the new series. As long as Netflix and HBO remain competitors in the streaming market, it is therefore not give True Detective on Netflix.

True Detective stream Amazon Video, max cathedrals and iTunes

Therefore, the question for fans of the cult detective series, where they can True Detective Stream refer instead provides. Both seasons of the cult series about the captivating hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana are available on Amazon Video, with max cathedrals and on iTunes. In FreeTV True Detective is unfortunately not yet aired and there is no date for a possible start at one of the German private channel in view. As soon as this changes, we will report it.