Funny football sayings for WhatsApp to Bundesliga

Whether players, coaches or commentators: Funny football awards simply part of every season as the icing on the cake. Now lift the mood for Bundesliga with verbal effusions on WhatsApp.

What "needs to go into the square! The Round" with (Helmut Schulte) began, is expanded each year with new sayings from the football team. Who wants to cheer his friends in acute Gate shortages can post after WhatsApp for Android Download funny quotes and sayings by Lothar and Co. in chat client. Or one puts them equal as a status message.

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Lach Warranty: football sayings for WhatsApp

Whether HSV, Hertha or Borussia fan - with the following slogans everyone has something to laugh about in the Bundesliga - no matter how it is currently running on the lawn. We have the awards in different categories - which can be used for all situations of the favorite team. They are suitable for pricking as well as consolation donations.

Vintage Timeless sayings of footballers

The following football sayings come from football legends and are just so awesome that they can safely dig out every year:

Football sayings status

  • Off is when the referee whistles. (Franz Beckenbauer)
  • The round must go into the square. (Helmut Schulte)
  • Milan or Madrid - it's Italy! (Andreas Möller)
  • At 50 percent, we are in the quarterfinals, but half the battle is not that! (Rudi Völler)
  • Then came the penalty shoot-out. We all had the pants full, but for me liefs quite fluid. (Paul Breitner)
  • It is 1: 1, as well it could be reversed. (Heribert Fassbender)

Football sayings Fassbender

Claims against frustration Gate deficiency

The favorite team gets on the lawn just nothing back and bagged one defeat after another? Gallows humor there are also football sayings. It speaks otherwise not mind teasing friends and fans of other clubs that! Schadenfreude is ultimately the greatest joy, even on WhatsApp.

  • If we do not win here, then we will contact broken the lawn them at least. (Rolf Rüssmann)
  • We can now just do not put the sand in the head! (Lothar Matthäus)
  • We must now heads up our sleeves - and the sleeves too. (Lukas Podolski)
  • Everybody should believe in something. And if it is to Fortuna Dusseldorf. (Campino)

Footballer in Erklärungsnot

In regular intervals, the interviews are after a botched game, the best sources for great football sayings. Who needs to justify to his friends why the game was so miserable, find interesting excuses here:

  • I have only slightly retouched him. (Olaf Thon)
  • My problem is that I am very self-critical always, even to myself about. (Andreas Möller)
  • The ball was somehow not fast enough. (Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting)
  • It is not granted to us this season, take a crumb of luck. (Roger Schmidt)
  • We have once again managed to make a controlled uncontrolled game. (Thomas Schaaf)
  • The opponent makes little much, we made a lot of little. (Jürgen Klopp)
  • I said to my team: storms. They have well understood towers. (Aleksandar Ristic)
  • Weak like a bottle empty! (Giovanni Trapattoni)

Football sayings explanations

Battle cries and motivational sayings before the game

A hairy game is coming up and you want to ascribe his footballer friends in advance on WhatsApp courage? No problem - even in this case have submitted our boys and funny football sayings created.

  • Slowly I feel that I can do with my left foot more, just to get a beer. (Thomas Müller)
  • In regularity football is always the same. (Hans Meyer)
  • We go out at night with torches in the woods, so the guys lose the fear. (Hans Meyer)
  • From Feeling ago I have a good feeling. (Andreas Möller)
  • I checked: gates from a distance are permitted, and it is also allowed that other players shoot as only striker gates. (Peter Stöger)
  • For pats we have to buy us a cat. (Miroslav Klose)
  • If you are afraid to lose, does not come to our games! Stay at home, look at a DVD or a comedy series! (Diego Maradona)
  • Sex before a game? This can keep my boys as they want. Only in the mid-term, there is nothing. (Berti Vogts)

Footballers - our heroes

Finally, football sayings, which show our boys how special they are! True heroes - at least on the lawn ...

Football sayings Riedle

  • I am the miller without welfare, I do not know because of. (Thomas Müller)
  • I'm not a loss, but I'm not a messiah - or I'm about Sandals? (Huub Stevens)
  • I did not know that I can ever shoot that far. (Moritz Stoppelkamp)
  • They envy me because I am rich, handsome and a great footballer. (Cristiano Ronaldo)
  • I do not think outside the gate. I never do. (Lukas Podolski)
  • I will certainly study the way, so I do not verblöde completely. (Alessandro Riedle)