In the Top 10 series are the "Walking Dead" As expected, represented as "Big Bang Theory" or "game of Thrones", However, there are also some real surprises in the most popular series of users. We'll tell hereinafter more about the top highlights of the series junkies!

Top 10 series blockbusters and series highlights as a free stream

When app download is a controversial German-streaming service with current and older movies, series and documentaries. Long has come into the sights of the judiciary, but users can be swayed little: Further one of the 50 most popular and most visited Web sites in Germany. The alleged operators are now sought with an international arrest warrant, but remains online and app very popular.

Top 10 series

Not a free ticket for the TV series streaming over

The users themselves are in a legal gray area. Although the streaming in the true sense, no copy is made. The contents are cached only temporary. Therefore, many users feel supposedly safe from legal persecution and warnings. Anyone who thinks that he had a free pass for streaming over is naive. Each user should be aware that such a service, the free content free provides, can not really be legal.

Our tip: Consider the series highlights on legal streaming services

Therefore, we strongly recommend before streaming shows and movies and want in our Top 10 series rather encourage, the series highlights in legal streaming services like Netflix, Watch Ever, max cathedrals, Amazon Prime & Co. to look. It's worth it - the costs are manageable and you have no fear of expensive streaming have warnings.

Top 10 Series hit lists of the streamed content

A look at the charts of the streamed content at turns out to be quite interesting and informative. The streaming service is even own hit lists of the most streamed content available so that you can easily look to see which films and series with the users are most desirable. We present the Top 10 series below. These are not opinions of users of, but only about how often the trains were considered on the app platform.

  • 1st place: The Walking Dead (2010)Top 10 series The Walking Dead

  • 2nd place: The Big Bang Theory (2007)Top 10 series The Big Bang Theory

  • Place 3: Game of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire (2011)Top 10 series Game of Thrones

  • 4th place: The 100 (2014)Top 10 The 100 series

  • Seat 5: Fear the Walking Dead (2015)Top 10 series Fear the Walking Dead

  • Seat 6: Gray's Anatomy - The young doctors (2005)Top 10 series Gray's Anatomy

  • 7th place: Supernatural (2005)Top 10 series Supernatural

  • Seat 8: The Simpsons (1989)Top 10 series The Simpsons

  • Seat 9: Breaking Bad (2008)Top 10 series Breaking Bad

  • 10th place: Shameless (2011)Top 10 series Shameless