A Fake phone number Sun offers several advantages. Because not all want to specify his personal real number. More we'll tell you here!

Fake phone numberWith a fake phone number you can change your data and protect you from annoying marketing activities. But there are things to consider (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Felt every app and every online service today requires the specification of a mobile phone number. But what requires app xy this number if it is anyway only there only to send a login code? Rather runs your risk of being annoyed by Fake or advertising calls.

In this case, there is the possibility of fake phone number that you can simply receive the appropriate SMS online. All you need is a browser such as Google Chrome download and one of the sites that we present to you below.

generate fake phone number - still receive SMS

There are quite a number of pages that you deploy public virtual mobile numbers - for free.

The principle is similar to that of disposable e-mail addresses - only has been given the number, you have to come up with you none. Just go to the side of such a provider. There you will find usually one to several numbers that you can use your. You will get an answer then in a kind of chat window - but public. Say: Anyone on the Internet, which is also located just on the site can read the answer.

Important: For this reason, you should such a fake phone number never use for important or sensitive and private reasons. For online banking, this service is completely unsuitable. Also WhatsApp or Instagram need your actual phone number because they link it to the app.

Does your number but only for a simple confirmation via SMS, you can use the services without any problems.

Fake phone number ExampleAn example of a text list with examples of how not to do it: Many users use the number for PayPal, WhatsApp or Instagram. That you should not do that. (Picture: sms-receive.net/Redaktion)

Free providers at a glance

Most vendors maintain numbers ready for different countries. For Germany it is usually at least one number. Remember: If your logs you in a German service, a German number is often required. Pay attention to the country code.

  • receive-a-sms.com: Here you are presented numbers from different countries. Scroll down a bit and you will find a German number. To open the SMS reception list just click on the number. Attention: The sender's number is displayed!
  • sms-empfangen.com: Two German and an Austrian number you have on this page to choose from. Sender numbers defaced - you see only the last number or the name of a public sender.
  • receive-sms-online.info: Also with this provider, there are one or more German among many other numbers. The sender numbers are largely obscured.
  • sms-receive.net: A German number from another - even this service makes received numbers unrecognizable.

Important information about privacy and Co.

Calls you can not with such a number, incidentally - only receive SMS. And that, as we have explained above, in public. This means: Each SMS and thus any potential confirmation code or any password that you send you let, are publicly available. As I said, it does not use for important or private things!

The SMS is possible with a little delay. In the meantime, SMS can already be viewed by other users. You should your requested SMS therefore can recognize.

Every now and then are blocked such public phone numbers. So do not be surprised if a number does not work - just try another.