Of the Netflix PIN ensures that title with an FSK-18 released are protected by a four-digit code. learn how to activate it, adapts and whether you can turn it off!

After downloading the Netflix app, this setting can even be changed easily on your smartphone or tablet.

Adjust Netflix PIN

By default, the Netflix PIN is set with the 0000th With this code, all content can be - no matter what age restriction - play. In Germany, incidentally, has for all movies with age restrictions over 18 a code to be entered. This can also not be disabled in this country. But if you want the pin or the age restriction adapt, you must first register with the provider with his credentials. The settings for the Parental Control can be found either on the Netflix page or in the app under the My Account option and among child protection. Here both a new PIN is entered (only numbers, not letters) and the protected content can be set. There are six levels of adjustment:

  1. All contents are protected by a PIN
  2. Young children (content for title until FSK 6 are unprotected)
  3. Older children (content with the classification protected teens and above.)
  4. Teenager (Content for title until FSK 12 are unprotected)
  5. Adults (content for title until FSK 16 are unprotected)
  6. Restricted (content via FSK 18 are protected by a PIN, this point can not be disabled in Germany)

Netflix PINUser can set individually from when entering the PIN Netflix is ​​necessary. Picture: Netflix.

Click Save both the new PIN and the selected protection level are stored. After users receive a confirmation e-mail to the address that was deposited during the registration process. In future appears automatically every time a protected content on a window in which the specified code must be entered before the title can be played.

Netflix disable PIN

In Germany, content that is only recommended from the age of 18, always protected by entering the PIN Netflix. This function can be - as meaningful or meaningless one may find this - not actually disable or off. Double annoying is this security solution if you want to stream devices from titles that do not support a PIN entry. In this case must be actually resorted to another player.

Forgot PIN? So reset:

The PIN must be set directly at the registrar on Netflix. Who should forget it over time, can it change again, however, at any time. Simply follow the link above or go to the settings of the app. After re-enter the user password, a new PIN can be conveniently set. How useful such a such easy to manipulative child protection is, however, is another question.