Gardenscapes - New Acres

Gardenscapes – New Acres

Gardening is fun – but not everyone is now able to enjoy a private green patch of full of colorful flowers. There is now colorful on the phone. In Puzzle Game Gardenscapes -New Acres Download everyone can create his own dream garden.

Gardenscapes - New Acres DownloadButler Austin is you always with words and deeds. (Picture: Playrix)

Fresh Meadows in Gardenscapes – New Acres Download

Games manufacturers Playrix Games created with the puzzle version of the hidden object game Gardenscapes a fun casual game. but who a simple match 3 puzzle expected wrong. Because when downloading Gardenscapes – New Acres of opportunity gardener is also the garden architect. But one after anonther:

Early in the game you find yourself in a city again – full of streets, people and traffic – but, really, little green space. Fortunately, flutters a letter in the high-altitude town homes Austin, the butler of a great-uncle announces that it has inherited an estate, including a huge garden, now it to order and maintain valid. Once there, the matter is clear: The garden needs to be revamped again. And this is as follows: In small puzzles at least three apples, pears, flowers or leaves must be placed in a row to remove them. There are stars, which can be set up in the garden new elements afterwards.

Stars preserved and restored the garden

With more than three matching combinations of players bonus elements receives like fireworks or small bombs that are used to further clearing. So the garden can clean up quickly. And who shall exercise in patience and can load its Rainbow meters, experienced a colorful wonders.
But even among the grass hides even a lot: Some levels are overgrown with grass layers, under which old garden gnomes come out. These must expose by more fruits and flowers are combined.

New clearing Acres download with bonus elements - GardenscapesPowerups help you with the clearing of the puzzle box. (Picture: Playrix)

The neighborhood helps

Is the first area restored, it also goes off with another piece of the garden. the player is accompanied always by a jolly dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat keeps him happy. And also with friends can play – make sure the built-in social network and Gardenscapes – New Acres Community – so can home gardeners unite with its neighbors and support each other.

Overall, the game is free, can be for the PC but not download directly – but playing on Facebook. Optionally, but it can also free as Gardenscapes – Load New Acres app on Android or iOS smartphone. Or you can resort to the free BlueStacks App Player download that also Android apps can run on the PC. If you own a Mac, but can now actually download the game. The corresponding download we have linked here.

Players have the option to purchase items with real money to experience even more. The first levels are very beatable while, but at level 25 it can ever be very tricky.

Ambitious players makes the extra mental work safe fun that casual gamers could however also frustrating times. Still convinced Playrix in Gardenscapes – New Acres download with an innovative concept combined from known game elements. And every now and then inserted event the player remains wonderfully happy.

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