Who WhatsApp name-day greetings wants to send on his smartphone, here is a nice selection of the best 20 spells over which name-day children will be happy for sure. Now just out looking for the right name tags saying, copy and send WhatsApp name-day greetings to friends and family!

The original sayings for WhatsApp name-day greetings

Name-day greetings are hardly shipped via mail today, but as digital greetings via email, SMS, Facebook or Messenger. After downloading WhatsApp can send WhatsApp name-day greetings to friends, relatives or colleagues who remind the person to that special day old quickly and easily.

We have put together funny as well as traditional sayings for WhatsApp name-day greetings to "happy name day" accept. It is not always easy to find suitable name day sayings. Who needs ideas for name tags messages, use one of the following text message: Simply copy and paste elsewhere to send the sayings example via WhatsApp or SMS.

WhatsApp name-day greetingsMost 20 WhatsApp name-day greetings to choose from (Image: pixabay / Editorial)

20 funny or contemplative WhatsApp name day sayings

Nowadays, the name day is rarely celebrated. The old custom was ousted from the birthday and other important anniversaries. Who would like to congratulate a loved one for the feast, finds the best poems and sayings for WhatsApp name-day greetings below.

Here are 20 fun name day poems and verses. In our selection of successful name-day quotes and beautiful verses something should be something for everyone, from the nice, love name-day greeting through to funny or contemplative spell. And who wants to know who has name day today will find here every day of the year, the corresponding name patron.

  • Today is your name day,I congratulate you because I like you.Your name is a part of youand my belonging to me.Therefore, one thing is sure that:We now celebrate your glory festival.And my later in the year.That too is really crystal clear.

  • It's your own name,write him proud on the flag.Because this name stands for youand remains unchangeable.

  • Today is your day alonebears your name,so that is.My wish to you,because I like you:Only the best for the feast!

  • A name is indeed sound and fury,just like many other things.But your name,no joke,this day is dedicated.All the best for the feast!

  • Take care of your name,because he accompanies you faithfula thousand precious treasures.All the best to your name day today!

  • Take to your name day my best wishes go.If I also say little,but feels love and thanks to my mind.

  • Today, to your name festivalsI wish you all the best.

  • Could I please you with the,I already carry in my heart.But not only the name days,you should always be happy!

  • The Holy One, after your name,is protecting your sideand are also in the greatest need,you faithfully his escort.

  • Today you have name dayand because I really like you,I send you a kind word,Health and happiness all the time!

  • Welcome to Thee this day,the dedicated is your name,welcome my greeting,all the time for happiness and joy.

  • The day today, well known,is named just like you.today is my request to you,enjoy some day and rejoice!

  • Your name is your life,therefore he was given to you.He may guide as a blessingyour whole life on earth.

  • I wish for the feast,all the best for you.I'll be like to celebrate here,because I like you so much.Therefore I wish you nothing but good,and you should always of good cheer!

  • Names are not like smoke and mirrors,because in the Church is the custom,that names are something to celebrate,regardless of whether the parents or the child.That is why we celebrate with you this day,where there was your name.

  • Today on your name day,can I not pay much,I can only tell you that I like youand I will always think of you.I wish you joy but always,Health and happinessand from your celebration cake,the greatest piece.good luck and God bless you always!

  • Almost no words,today there are cakes, coffee and cake.The house is full with many guests,as usual with great feasts.The cake will taste you,and you do not let so often tease,because on your name day,you're the most important thing, without question.

  • Today on your name dayI wish the best to you,that your heart always beat for me,that, my darling, I wish!

  • I wish you the best,Today, your name festivals.All that pleased your heart,I wish today to you.

  • Beaming with joy, I send you a beautiful name day of me!