For a long time it was a cramp: For Snapchat friends seemed possible only on the exact username or mysterious websites and apps. Meanwhile, the social network but has proven its search function on its head. Finding other Snapchattern has thus become even easier. We show you what options do you have now.

For Snapchat friendsYou want your Snapchat friends? Just follow our instructions. (Picture: Snapchat / Editorial)

Friends Your Snapchat: New search makes it possible

Until now it was only possible to Snapchat, enter the user name of a friend or celebrities directly to adden this. Of course that was quite complex because the user name does not always coincide with the given name. So you had to deny or research in the case of famous Snapchat channels on the Internet in advance. This is now all become much easier. All that is for necessary is the latest free version of the app Snapchat, which is also available with us for download.

Just give a name in the search. This can be a friend, but also celebrities can be searched out. Whoever enters as "Kim", immediately gets the proposal to Kim Kardashian to adden. Other content, such as TV stations are displayed faster. Scans your example by MTV, you get immediately suggested all relevant content.

Snapchat find friends searchThe search Snapchat has now finally revised. (Picture: Editorial / Screenshot)

Due Snapchats purchase of Bitmoji way, every user gets an emoji assigned immediately in the search. has been improved search, but through the acquisition of Vurb that help the service to display relevant information and content.

Contacts must be linked

You can easily link your phone book with Snapchat. Then the network synchronized your contacts with its database and all the beats you your friends before that use Snapchat. Just tap Adden and you get your contact that you want to add a message and you are shortly afterwards a friend if it accepts the request.

For Snapchat friends contactsOr will your friends by the way, if your app give permission to access your contacts. (Picture: Editorial / Screenshot)

So you can also invite new contacts with Snapchat, incidentally. For all your friends who are in the phone book, but not have an account, can be added and then received an invitation. But be careful: You might not be happy at any of your contacts on such a note. Who wants to be sure, is a practical and Snapchat friends with the people who already use the service.

You know already about who you want adden, you proceed as follows:

  1. Opens Snapchat and invokes the menu on your Bitmoji top right.
  2. Tap on "Friends adden".
  3. Here you will get several options available:

    • About Username adden: You must enter the exact username.
    • adden from Contacts: Possible, if you have linked your contacts with Snapchat.
    • About Snapcode adden: Possible, if your your friend just faces and you have both Snapchat open - or photographed your one Snapcode the Internet.
    • , Close 'adden: searches the environment after Snapchattern from.

In addition, your username can share on other social networks and email. Including suggestions from your contacts are suggested to you.

To meet new people?

Will you, however find new Snapchat friends who do not yet know you, you can also use as snavii services that suggest to you throughout Germany or regional contacts. Here, anyone can search the profiles. Who but found (public) wants to send or her profile link to friends (private) must register before.

But be careful! Shares such ways - and also within Snapchats with people who do not know you personally - never too much about you with. Say: Does not send photos that should not see each and utter not simply your name and certainly not your address. You never know with whom you could have to do it on the Internet.