update: Ashampoo Movie Studio 2 is availablecan make videos of each! After this Full version Ashampoo Movie Studio Download provides the user with a full-fledged tool for vaginal, refining, storage and hand-rolled for scoring snapshots available. The market for video editing programs is not exactly few and far between. Besides the well known brands such as Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer or Final Cut Pro for Apple computers, there are countless other free video editors for download. The full version of Ashampoo Movie Studio is another candidate in this division that can boast with an extensive complete package for video editing.

Ashampoo Movie Studio Download

Cut out the exact second with Ashampoo Movie Studio Download Scenes

After Ashampoo Movie Studio Download the user everything is available, what he needs for professional video editing. This usually starts with the views of raw video. With the full version Ashampoo Movie Studio, the user can edit the raw material so far that, for example, he cuts out the best scenes second. the video editing is facilitated by an easy-to-use interface.

Video Editor with different scene transition effects

In the further production, the scenes can be refined for example by different transition effects. You can choose from among others, the Video Effects Sepia, Invert or age film. A grayscale effect is integrated. As transitions among others, Black out, Circular, Fade, Fashion down, Move left, Move right, Move up and White stand out are available. With the help of another integrated fine adjustments such as brightness, contrast, and saturation can be adjusted. Animated text overlays are also possible. Text, record keeper, but also the size and color of the font can be chosen according to personal preference, not only for animated text overlays, but also for the opening credits, or credits of the video. In addition, individual scenes can be set to music. Length and position of the background music can be freely selected.

Integrated Video Converter supports various video formats

The integrated video converter ensures that raw video of various formats can be used in the same video. The full version of Ashampoo Movie Studio supports the following formats:

  1. .263
  2. .264
  3. .ASF
  4. .ASX
  5. .AVI
  6. .H261
  7. .H263
  8. .H264
  9. .M1V
  10. .M2T
  11. .M2V
  12. .mp2v
  13. .MPA
  14. .MPE
  15. .MPE
  16. .MPEG
  17. MPEG TS
  18. .MPG
  19. .MPV2
  20. .VC1
  21. .WEBM
  22. .WMV
  23. .WMX
  24. .WTV
  25. .WXVAs output formats AVI, WMV and MPG are available. Who wants to burn the result, such as a gift, does not require any additional software because the burning of video files is already provided on DVD or Blu-ray in Ashampoo Movie Studio download. Easy-to-use video editor for demanding home movie maker While the video editing software from Apple, Adobe Systems and Avid very extensive, but are without a long-term training period only cumbersome to use, many free video editing software titles like Windows Movie Maker for the more discerning users are often too sparsely equipped. The full version of Ashampoo Movie Studio fills this gap. The software is easy to use and yet provides enough tools to edit homemade videos professionally.

Limitations of the full version: Ashampoo Movie Studio

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