Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center

manage videos, photos and music on your Windows PC, edit and of course play – that and much more offers the WMC. If a Windows Media Player Download is necessary, it depends on the version of the operating system. There is the media all-inclusive package with some free house factory.

When necessary, a Windows Media Center download?

The question of the installation, so if the WMC was already available ex works or is or has to be installed only on the machine that is defined with the knowledge of the existing operating system.

Windows Media Center Download

Who can not answer ad hoc that question, find the information on the PC Control Panel, System and Security System. Included is the Media package in the following versions Windows:

  • Windows XP Edition: 2003/2004/2005
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Windows 7 Home Professional
  • Windows 7 Home Ultimate

Windows Media Center download system

For Windows RT, the overall package is not available and Windows 8 users must with Windows Media Center download or by upgrading to Windows 8 Pro Pack upgrade itself. The upgrade to Pro including WMC will cost around 160 euros. If you missed the free promotion until the end of January, 2013, but already has Windows 8 Pro, need to lie about 10 euros for the Windows 8 Media Center Pack. In addition, all versions of Windows Media Center have a code name. For example, the Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 Harmony and the Vista version Diamond.

The Windows Media Center an all-rounder

The Media Center from Microsoft comes with many features to manage in the best possible multimedia content and enjoy. The User interface is typical Windows – naturally adapted to Windows 8 on the new UI with the tile look. The program can be controlled with both a keyboard and mouse, but also with a remote control. In addition, an integration or use on TV sets and Co. is possible.

Windows Media Center Download surface

In addition to audio and video comprehensive TV Features

Since it is a standard feature of multimedia programs, play videos, image files and music formats and manage, these features are available even after download from the Windows Media Center. Likewise, the synchronization of media with mobile devices or basic image editing is possible, but not a unique selling point. However, it manages the media package to stand with the features in television from many other audio and video software. Is a TV card in the PC available, can use it Stations receive and series or movies recorded become. Furthermore, recorded music through a variety of sources, playlists can be created and visualized as needed. In addition, all leave stream media formats easily from the network.

Windows Media Center Download image editing

Media Center for Windows lovers For users who are accustomed to the use of Windows and also like these, the use of the WMC offers. For easy playing and managing media but it is not necessarily the expensive package. A simple free player it does in this case.