Of the PaperOffice Download managed as a document management system files and scanned documents. The shareware helps when scanning documents and shines it with an OCR full text recognition.

PaperOffice download as a thoughtful document management system

Virtual printer driver to ensure that documents can be created from almost any Windows program. To assign documents better and easier to find, they can be provided with comprehensive information. Paper Office also offers a lot in terms of safety: Individual access rights can be assigned for documents and categories. Other useful features include automatic directory monitoring, internal distribution and tracking of documents and automatic versioning by shadow copies.

PaperOffice Download

PaperOffice provides direct email, fax and print functions of all documents and a scrambling and unscrambling of documents and PDFs. The paperless office is probably with PaperOffice hard reality, but still comes to this utopia thus one step closer.

Limitations of PaperOffice

You can create a maximum of 50 documents per archive.