at Check out WhatsApp without deleting the app does not work. We show you how to get rid of the app. read here & WhatsApp Adieu say. WhatsApp has not exactly covered itself with glory in the past year only. After buying the Messengers of Facebook a misery followed another: Vulnerabilities, criticism of the policy, frequent failures and then introducing the read receipt. For the latter was indeed delivered quickly with the next update a way of disabling, but not for iOS users. Anyone who uses the Download WhatsApp for iPad or the client installed on the iPhone has to live with the blue hooks. The only option that remains: With WhatsApp unsubscribe and delete the messengers.

Sign out of WhatsApp: Is that possible?

Anyone looking at the Messenger for a function for logging, so do want to log out, will find none. The client is always connected and run in the background, whether the app is closed or the phone is switched off. So if you want to log off for the sake of saving in battery life, and the data volume of WhatsApp, is not an option. For users who want to get rid of the Messenger completely, the following guide is interesting. Check out WhatsApp

Keys to success complete Logging out of WhatsApp

Users who want to separate permanently from WhatsApp need to delete their account and uninstall the app for that. That all mail settings, groups, and other information are then removed from the cell phone. Also, payments that were paid in advance will not be refunded. Even if you later but umentschließt and wants to return to WhatsApp, can not access payments made. 1. To log out of WhatsApp and delete the account, the Messenger is first opened. Then the settings over the icon with the three horizontal standing squares are opened. Second In the new screen various options such as contacts or chat settings appear. of the Account and the next screen of the sub-item My account is Tap and delete. WhatsApp unsubscribe Account Third Another new window appears that initially points to the consequences. In this step, the user must enter his phone number. It should be noted that the first zero is omitted due to the Germany area code and special characters such as hyphens or spaces should definitely be omitted. By tapping the below red button deletes the account. WhatsApp unsubscribe delete 4th Then now the app has to be removed from the smartphone. For this purpose, the user enters the settings of the phone and finds the application manager. On some devices, it is also called app manager. There, now select the Messenger. 5th In the detailed view of the app two steps now be carried out. First, all data stored on the smartphone be removed. Press Delete this end data. In the second step, the app will be deleted by clicking Uninstall. WhatsApp unsubscribe Uninstall