In Thunderbird change the language - it's that easy! 2023

In Thunderbird change the language – it’s that easy!

With little effort you can in Thunderbird change the language – thanks to the add-on Quick Locale Switcher. show we had done! Parla italiano!

Mozilla Thunderbird belongs next to Microsoft Outlook to the best and most popular e-mail management programs. However: Unlike Outlook Thunderbird is free, the fee-based program is but after in terms of functionality and system stability in anything. But on the contrary! Thunderbird can also be used masterfully as a feed reader or XMPP, IRC and Twitter client. Who wants to try it can download the latest version of Thunderbird for free.

Instructions: With the add-on Quick Locale Switcher change the Thunderbird Language

The free open source email client Mozilla Foundation can be installed from home for many natural languages ​​and put into operation. In the event that the e-mail client has already been installed in German, and now is to be operated with a different natural language, you can change the language settings by using the add-on Quick Locale Switcher with little effort. How it works in detail:

  1. First, you click in Thunderbird on the menu icon in the upper right. This will open a new drop-down menu with the option “Add-ons”.
    Change Thunderbird Language

  2. On the Add-ons page you are in the search box at the top right of the search terms “Quick Locale Switcher” and confirms the viewfinder on the enter key or clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

  3. In the hit list is then clicked next to the correct entry on the “Install” button.
    Change Thunderbird Language language extension

  4. Next Thunderbird is stopped and restarted again. The add-on is now active.

  5. To change the interface language, then, as from German to Italian, you go again to the Add-ons page and selects there again the Quick Locale Switcher.

  6. In the settings of the language extension is selected in the top box, “General” tab and makes full tick against the item “for the user interface (general.useragent.locale)”. By clicking on the OK button, the inputs are confirmed.
    Change language settings Thunderbird voice add-on

  7. Next, you click on the top menu bar of Thunderbird on the “Tools” and select the menu item “Quick Locale Switcher” from. Here you can now change the desired language Thunderbird.
    Change Thunderbird Change version

The add-on Quick Locale Switcher’s not just for the Thunderbird versions 1.0 to 2.0, but also Mozilla Firefox, Seamonkey, Sinbird, Flock and Netscape. The individual language packs are wide-ranging. Are available including: English, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Russian and French. Should be the case that the language changes must be reversed, one can with little effort again “back to Go.” CTRL + SHIFT + Q undoes the changes.

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