Smart Poke app

Smart Poke app

With the Smart Poke app For gamers Pokémon Go quickly and simply rare Pokémon. The tool works even after the update of Niantic, locked the third party. However, a Pokémon Trainer Club Go account is required.

Efficient hunting monsters with the smart Poke app

Thanks to the Smart Poke app, the monsters can easily and precisely track. The tool bypasses the newly introduced restrictions of Pokémon Go Developer Niantic. all Pokémon are shown with their specific location on a map. Typed to a Pokémon, additional information such as the exact distance that genus species or the remaining time to capture it, appears. For all hunters Pokémon rarely an indispensable tool that can control all hideouts and loopholes of the small pocket monsters directly reliable. Another plus is that the application even works on Smart Watches and carrier informed on the wrist on Pokémon nearby.

Pokémon on the lockscreen

A special highlight of Smart Poke app is the option to display all the monsters located in the immediate area directly on the lockscreen. Thus Pidgey and Ratzfatz can ignore studiously and the battery of the smartphone needs to be strained only really relevant Pokemon. If required, a vibrating alert for newly emerging monster can be activated, so that no more monster can escape. Absolutely perfect for the really resource-intensive game.

Smart Poke appThe Smart Poke app is the only Pokémon radar, which is still working after the update.

Registration as a Pokémon Trainer

To use the application, players must register on the official Pokémonseite by Nintendo as a coach. However, the site currently struggling with a flood of requests, so that the registration of such an account is a little gambling. Nevertheless, it pays not to give up hope and retrieve the page every now and then. For registration after only the date of birth, a username and a working e-mail address must be indicated and the Terms of Use are accepted.

Smart Poke app coachTo use the app, the registry is necessary as a coach.

NoteThe app has now been removed from the Google Play Store is here but when APK available for download. For a successful installation downloading applications from unknown sources should be allowed in the settings of the smartphone in advance.