Enable encryption WhatsApp explained step by step. can be so easy chats, photos & protect against false calls hands. Anyone who values ​​his privacy, should more!

Requirements: To use the end-to-end encryption of the Messengers, the download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS version 2.16.X is needed. The rest of the service done almost by itself.

Enable encryption WhatsApp: That brings it!

The advantage of the complete encryption that no one has access to the shared data. This affects not only the chats but also voice messages, phone calls, photos, videos and files. In principle, the whole as a small padlock to which only the recipient of the message has the correct key works. Neither third parties nor WhatsApp itself can decrypt the communication. So that the associated to Facebook Messenger has taken a huge step towards data protection and competition such as threema, RedPhone or TextSecure digs increasingly the water. According WhatsApp all happens automatically: It must be changed any settings.

To check the encryption WhatsApp

Also, if users do not have to separately enable WhatsApp encryption, they can check for any contact, whether the connection "tap-proof" is. All users of WhatsApp received a yellow shaded note in their chat histories ". Messages that you ship in this chat, and calls are now protected with end-to-end encryption" If you tap on this message, opens for the respective contact the confirmation window for the security number. If you want to not look in the chat record the message, you can check the WhatsApp encryption by calling the options in open chat and the sub-item selects Show contact. In the opening display, the point encryption takes place. Now there are two options:

Enable encryption WhatsApp Also, if users do not need to activate the encryption WhatsApp addition, they check their connection.

1. Scan the QR Code

for this must both contacts have opened Confirm security number the window. You will see a QR code and a 60-digit code. One of the two contacts must now bottom right select Scan code option. WhatsApp accesses the phone's camera and the code can be read. Following a green check mark appears. The numerical code used for further verification and must be identical on both devices.

2. Send the verification code

If the contact is not in sight, alternatively, the QR code can also be sent. To do this click on the Share icon at top right. This opens a pop-up with all the available services. Select the desired version and send it to the respective contact. This can now check the number code and then determine whether the connection is protected by end-to-end encryption.

The only condition is to enable WhatsApp encryption, so the latest version of Messenger.