The toll-free FLV Converter searches, downloads and converts FLV video clip websites. the downloader for video portals such as YouTube, Sevenload extracted on request & Co. also the audio track from videos and converts not only FLV videos from the hard drive to other formats.

Free FLV Converter download and installation

The Free FLV Converter Download is easy to start, and then it gets to be a little too hairy equal - so many security warnings during download and installation, there are really rare. Ignoring the warnings but consistently, a slim and powerful YouTube Downloader comes with ordinary additional functions to PC. Is the Free FLV Converter Download finally installed, it can also go directly. The program interface is held in German language and clearly structured. In the top bar to buttons for the individual program areas, each individual is in turn clearly structured place.

Search clips on video sharing sites

The video search saves users the superfluous visit several websites. With a few clicks you define the to search video portals on Free FLV Converter and then find by entering a search term clips of all the selected sites - virtually. It supports YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Sevenload, MyVideo, Blip and some other international sites. The number of search results you want can be adjusted in this way on the one hand holds the result, the slim and also manageable traffic. At the request of Video Downloader downloads thumbnails of all the clips down, thus providing all the videos as small images shows how to do it from YouTube & Co. is accustomed. Free FLV Converter sorted desire for relevance, date and number of calls.


If we choose a single clip, it can be directly in Clipfinder View or insert download list in the video. Also, video size, number of calls and the description are available here - at the comments but you have to do without. Alternatively, select Video Friends right hand by tick all the desired results and add them to download at a time added to the download queue by pressing the green arrow Video. But beware: By default, the download all clips automatically starts immediately. So if you first want to collect videos and later choose should prevent this _Auto under the item Tube Downloader by deactivating the Start button _ before. Alternatively, the web pages with the videos can be accessed by clicking on the globe, here you can see, for example, the comments.

Download and convert videos

Once added to the Saugliste, the video will download as already mentioned, either automatically or individually with a click. How many clips are drawn parallel, can be set up to nine parallel connections are possible. If you only want to create clips, save by clicking Save List a similar TXT format and can then share them with friends or later. Per Load List The lists can then be with the Free FLV Converter recall. Optionally, the Free FLV Converter download and conversion can be performed in one step, or first save only the online video. What should happen to set a left hand - but here is considered a setting for all of the clips in the list. So to perform different actions with each clip, first recommended that the download of all files. The sucked FLVs you then loads later point convert FLV to convert to the program, at the request several movies are so equal converted at one time or extracts the audio track. But Free FLV Converter can convert the point Video convert other types of video - supported formats, see below. In terms of video format is the diversity of Free FLV Converter certainly not all-inclusive, but quite contemporary. The details of each format are chosen either by default for iPhone, iPod or PSP and various quality levels, or set user-defined manually. The target formats bit rates cover up to 6000 Kbps at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Optionally, the video conversion runs in real time, so you can watch them be identical, or in fast mode without Preview - which then also goes much faster.

  • Free FLV Converter Audio formats: MP2, MP3, AAC, WMA
  • Read Free FLV Converter video source formats: AVI, DIVX, MKV, WMV, MP4, ASF, MOV, QT, OGM, WEBM, WMV, ASF
  • Free FLV Converter video output formats: iPod, iPhone, PSP, AVI, DIVX 4/5, 3G2, WMV 1/2, MP4, FLV