quote in WhatsApp: To refer to News

If there is to be quick and credible Instead Copy & Paste received or sent messages within quote WhatsApp. More about the time-saving Zitierfunktion in WhatsApp!

With the current download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS Messenger has integrated a handy quote function.

quote WhatsAppPractical: messages can quote within WhatsApp. (Image: pixabay / reaction)

Quote including authors messages in WhatsApp

In some situations, it may indeed be quite comfortable to hit others with their own weapons or placed on the Have-I-you-but-equal-told-rail and sometimes you get it really just in a hurry and just want to quickly reach some Written already remember. All three situations can be quickly and easily cope with a function. Because all messages in chat history can quote within WhatsApp. When you find the desired spot and as long as touch it until it appears as marked. At the same time opens a menu at the top of the screen, each with an arrow to the left and to the right:

  • Left arrow: message in the chat quote (the quote is represented by a vertical line and the indication of the author in)
  • Right arrow and select the desired chat: Message in another chat quote (the quote is as such not be seen)

Messages can be like to quote from group chats and both, if one has written himself, and if they come from another contact of single.

WhatsApp quote chattingFor example, messages within a chat via WhatsApp can quote. (Screenshot: Editorial)

Quote multiple messages at once

To use multiple messages within WhatsApp quote, they must be highlighted in turn. However, this only works if you want to play back the message to another chat - so only without author and marking line. For this simply select the message and highlight and select the right arrow. Now the contact list will open. This is where the conversation can be selected, although, from which the messages originated; However (as mentioned) without quotation mark.

Even quicker and more conclusive is a screenshot

A final version to within WhatsApp conversations forward, is the screenshot that can be added following as an attachment in the corresponding chat. How exactly does a screenshot, but differs from device to device. An overview of the commands for Samsung devices provides the article: Screenshot Samsung: How with all models !.

Via screenshot WhatsApp quoteThese shortcuts allow a screenshot on a Samsung. (Photo: Samsung)

Following the screenshot can be inserted via the icon on the paper clip. You can find the screenshot below the option Gallery and the capture folder and can then be sent to the desired chat window. But beware: Many a screenshot has been sent to the wrong contact accidentally and that can in unpleasant situations for themselves.