around his Clash of Clans Account transfer to, you have to connect the devices to each other and you can the game on different mobile phones or tablets to play. learn more here!

The online multiplayer is one of the absolute top dogs among online games. Since its release in 2012, the app has top rankings in the number of downloads on various portals. Who has not the exciting game - or want to play it on a second account, come here for free Clash of Clans for Android download and can plunge directly into the fantasy world and build an attack safe village or an army of barbarians, wizards or dragons.

Clash of Clans Account transferClash of Clans Account transmit and play on two devices simultaneously.

transferred via Google Account or Game Center Clash of Clans Account

If you want to play this game on multiple devices, or do not start from scratch with the new smart phone, his account of the new or second device you have transferred. For this purpose a registration with the appropriate provider is first necessary: ​​at Android devices with the Google Account and Apple products in Game Center. To do this first opens the app and select the gear icon for settings options. Here opens to link the device menu item and logs into the account with his username and password. Now you can specify that the old and which is the new device to which the score is to be transferred. now a code will appear on the "old device". This is available only for five minutes and must be entered on the new device. Now the Clash of Clans account is transferred and the score automatically synchronized. At the same time, however, can always be gambled by only one device.

Clash of Clans link a second time

The function can currently be used only once per settlement. So players have to decide which devices and the current score to be synchronized. However, you can exchange the two connected devices. to play for example, tablet and smartphone and a new mobile phone has been purchased, can be cancel the connection between the old equipment. Following a new link between tablet and the new smartphone can be prepared by the stated principle. To unlink, you open Clash of Clans and selects link the Device menu item in the settings. Now you can try to repeal this link. If this is not possible, the score on the old device can be erased and the app will be uninstalled. Following a procedure is followed, as described above and may be transferred to the current phone the Clash of Clans Account.