Diablo 2

With the Diablo 2 Download perhaps comes the best game series on the computer. have contributed to the popularity including the free Battle.net access and the variety of items that can be purchased during the game. In addition, gamers are after downloading more character classes available than in its first part. Brand new Diablo 2 is no longer natural. The developer Blizzard Entertainment has brought the action role-playing game is already at the millennium on the market. Meanwhile, there is not only a successor to Diablo 2, but also many other, partly free role-playing games to download. Nevertheless, its time 3D animations of the second part of Diablo were among the artistic quality and elaborate animations in a computer game. The five videos that are played between acts and have a total length of over 21 minutes were - or, rather, are spectacular.

New features to the Diablo 2 Download

Even today, the animations and videos have lost little of their thrill, what still makes Diablo 2 one of the most popular action role-playing games. After Diablo 2 download the game is divided into four acts, each containing various tasks called quests are to master. Through the quests, the player drives the one moves the plot forward purchases on the other, different rewards.

Diablo 2 Download

More items in the second part Diablo

New compared to Diablo 1 include the many objects with which the character can be equipped in the role play. The articles are becoming more powerful as the game progresses. The spectrum ranges from magical abilities such as resistance to physical damage and poison, fire, lightning and cold damage, through increased levels of stamina and vitality to an increased attack value in diverse designs.

Diablo 2 Download Scene

More character classes in Diablo 2

A further improvement or expansion compared to the first part, the diverse character classes. After the download of Diablo 2, you can now choose from five different classes on the one Amazon, which now can also shoot with spears, javelins and a crossbow, a Barberen, the magical abilities possesses a sorceress, the whole surfaces can attack a paladin, is a perfect team player, and a Necromancer, the defeated opponents can resurrect.