SRS Audio Essentials

SRS Audio Essentials

The SRS Audio Essentials improve the quality of the audio output in Windows. So spice up user either the sound worse recordings and MP3s with low quality or get a little more out of internal notebook speakers and external sound systems. Optional stand by six individual controls for the signal interference, or the selection of genres available. Besides attracting the volume normalization to a constant level and a stylish interface that can be customized in size even on very extensive home TVs.

SRS Audio Essentials Download and get started

Of the SRS Audio Essentials Download requires no special expertise for laying the virtual audio cable during installation – it’s really all by itself. The setup sets up an additional audio output in Windows sound mixer and sets them automatically as standard. For the user, so there is only one thing to do: Start application and enjoy sound. A small hurdle the trial is still in the registration window that offers two buttons that although both not open the way to the test – but, you press the X in the upper right corner of the purchase offer. By default, start the SRS Audio Essentials with Windows and thus affect every sound that is output. Is not desired, removed the associated check mark at at Start Automatically boat. Alternatively, nor the launch with media player option is available, the SRS automatically calls when starting a media player on the scene. The Windows Media Player is supported standards such as Winamp but not – this is a bit of a shame, and therefore requires manual access to the Windows sound enhancement SRS.

Functional Overview

Functional offer the SRS Audio Essentials quite a respectable extent. They process stereo signals, as well as 5.1 Surround, offer an integrated metering for all the individual channels and normalize the volume of all sounds reproduced by TruVolume during playback.

SRS Audio Essentials Download

The adaptation of the sound either automatically via presets that affect all controllers at once, however, are to choose something awkward from the Options menu. Alternatively, you drive by clicking on Advanced the individual fader and controls manually the following values:

  • 3D Center Level: Adjusting the left and right of the same signal
  • 3D Space Level: Extend the stereo field
  • 3D Trubass: improving the bass frequencies
  • Trubass Speaker Size: Optimizes the bass response to your own subwoofer
  • Focus: Further align the pseudo-stereo field
  • Definition: adjustment of high frequencies

The available values ​​of the audio professional can directly read the SRS Audio Essentials primarily with so-called "phase filth" Thus, a complex Klangverschachtelung works, away a comparatively simple equalizer such as the equalizer. This is great for beginners, are achieved yet relatively fixed a Improvement of subjective perception of sound. However, the Pro may miss a more detailed setup here. Does not matter, because that is what the audio essence of SRS is indeed intended. In addition to individual schemes or switches external sound systems or headphones are for general switching the sound to music, movies, games and language as well as for internal speakers, ready.

SRS Audio Essentials Download tone control

In terms of appearance, the audio is Download Tool chic and subtly styled, additional skins but you have to do without. however, a good thing is the continuous expansion of the display dimensions to a certainly much too large for notebooks, but exactly correct for large home theaters, measure.

Featured hui, trial Pooh

Clear shortcoming of the demo version of SRS Audio Essentials downloads is far-reaching curtailment of functions. Normalization is not available, as the selector switch for gaming and headphone output. Just about all tone controls are static and can only be adjusted via the hidden in the options menu Genre choice. If you touch one of the limited control, immediately the annoying registration reminder pops up. This limits the fun testing, as well as the individual sound adjustment, clearly, and one wonders why. Should I test the application or not? The sound improvements to the demo version are indeed quite audible, but do not on the notebook speakers, even on the external sound system really big thing here. In the test, we compared SRS Audio Essentials and the DFX Audio Enhancer between and tend, at least for stereo signals clearly to the latter. The program for improving the sound of SRS is widespread in many places popular and scores as with the adaptation to the size of the subwoofer, but we recommend as an alternative to DFX Audio Enhancer with skinnable interface, additional information on the song and impact of stronger tone control. Compare for yourself.

Limitations of SRS Audio Essentials

Trial with severely limited features