The free download from the Garmin POI Loader ensures that individual points of interest come to all Garmin Navis. The freeware processed from the network downloaded and created POI.

The Garmin POI Loader import download POI sets

So-called Points of Interest (POI), so places that are for a person of interest, should not be missing on your own navigation device. This could be one important addresses for the emergency to: For example, hospitals, pharmacies, shops, etc. But these are also places that are geared to the needs of a motorist such as petrol stations, speed cameras, car parks, etc. Just as good but can also easily points of interest on Navi are played, reflect the personal preferences or hobbies: this includes accommodation, cinemas, restaurants, swimming pools or attractions. The selection of POIs offered is huge. On top of that you also provide your own such points and these can store on their device. In order to accomplish the loading of the POI on the device, you have to download in advance of a special car and install software on the computer. We are talking about Garmin POI Loader Download, of this is absolutely necessary.

Garmin POI Loader Download

Garmin POI Loader is a prerequisite for new POIs

That the download of Garmin POI is a condition for the import of POIs is not a hindrance. So download and install the program are executed quickly. drag the exe file just above the Download button on the computer. Following open the file and accept the license agreement to complete the installation. The POI Loader works incidentally with CSV files, as you know from Excel. In these files, the respective latitude and longitude of places are saved.

Auto software allows updates of POIs

Once installed, the POI tool searches the computer for existing POIs. These data may have been downloaded from the Internet on the one hand - there are found countless POI sets. But you can also POIs created Pull the Navi. In any case, the user himself determines which POIs are transmitted to the navigation device. Depending on the selection of the free helper can transfer the desired POI data to the connected Garmin Navi. The connection of the device is via USB cable. In addition, the user has the option to save his POIs as a backup on the PC. Little hint: Who imports new POI data on their device should be aware that the old will simply be dubbed. Therefore, the recommendation, secure old POIs just ahead.

Garmin POI Loader Download Settings

The Garmin software also comes with some clever settings. So you can specify, for example, that one way to approach certain points of interest, would receive a warning. This makes for example speed cameras sense. The user can also determine when the message should show up now. Program to update its Points of Interest Garmin POI Loader POI ensures replenishment to the Navi. The freeware owners of Garmin navigation devices feed their Navi quickly and easily with updated POIs.einfach and quickly updated POIs.