To their own delete quiz duel Account is simply sent to the provider of the quiz-app e-mail. We show where the message should go and how all your data can be reliably removed from the quiz game. To this end, learn more now!

delete quiz duel account and reliably remove all personal data

The success app makes after the quiz duel download a lot of fun, but can also be annoying. Watching the commercials for each theme that can be switched off only against payment and the frequent repetition of questions that are not to everyone's taste. Therefore, it stands to reason that so many users the quiz duel app would like to get rid of them. This is quite simple in principle, almost any app with a tap can be uninstalled yet again. However, since a registry of personal data is required for the quiz duel, the user should proceed thoroughly and remove his quiz duel account, rather than simply uninstall the app. Otherwise, you would continue to remain a registered user of the quiz duel.

Quiz duel Delete AccountQuiz duel delete account including all personal data

Advertising and waiting times in the paid version

The quiz duel participate for several years million players in Germany, located in the rate of fever. The game principle is simple: the user sets up an account and puzzled with friends or random opponents in six rounds of three questions in 19 categories in competition. For each question four possible response options are shown. The player has 20 seconds available to select the answer. The quiz duel database contains the manufacturer about 35,000 questions in categories such as food & Drinking, Sports & Leisure and TV series. Quiz Duel app is playable for free in the basic version, but in the paid version a bit more exciting, because ready additional statistics to review and account for especially the annoying advertising, and the waiting time between the individual quizzes.

delete quiz duel account: Find it!

Who wants to shell out any money for the premium version, you can put up with the limitations or delete the app again. When the quiz duel user decides for the latter and the quiz game not want to play longer, he should delete his account Quiz duel. To do this, he simply sends an email to the address [email protected] The own account with all personal data is then deleted from the quiz duel employees so that no more data remains offered.

it is that the user, sent its request to delete the accounts accurately over that email address with which he has also registered with Quiz Duel is important. Also for the Login via Facebook is the case. Of course, it may take a few days for the own account is actually repaid. Usually, the provider sends a mail with a link that must be explicitly confirmed again to extinguish the quiz duel accounts.