On Windows 10 hit games like Solitaire and Minesweeper be sorely missed. here's how it all Windows 7 games on Windows 10 gets hot and the classics welcome!

Those were the days when every Windows PC shipped from the factory with a selection of games. From Windows 8 Microsoft games were no longer there. But now they are back and can be brought 10 games download on the new operating system for free with Windows.

Windows 7 games on Windows 10Windows 7 games on Windows 10 playing (Picture: Winaero)

Finally back: Windows 7 games on Windows 10

Including up to the release of version Windows 7 operating systems from Microsoft were true paradises games. Who had acquired a Windows PC, also got a game collection on top of it for free. And hand on heart -who did not then gambled Solitaire or Hearts on PC?When Microsoft introduced its Windows 8 version, the outrage was great. Not only the missing Start menu, but also the gap in the games department took care of negative reviews. As this year is the new version 10 was released, some users had hope that Microsoft show mercy and the games would bring back. Unfortunately, it was not like that. Although the user has the possibility to switchen to succeed Solitaire, FreeCell, etc., but the games that can be found in the app store, all have two hooks: They come with Internet forced along and are all littered with advertising. The gameplay remains as understandably on the track.

Free download of classic games

Nevertheless, there is a possibility that old Windows 7 to get games on Windows 10 for users. As the saying goes: When the Prophet did not come to the mountain, the mountain must just go to the prophet. The thought is also a few resourceful developers. This is the files of the original games from Windows have drawn 7 and then ported. The games were collected provided as a file and can be downloaded for free from the above download.

Installation of the Games for Windows 10

The installation that works for the rest not only on Windows 10 but also Windows 8 is super easy: The user can freely choose which games of the package to be installed at all. Who anyway just Minesweeper gambles, to backgammon and Co. can save.

Windows 7 games on Windows 10 InstallationSelection of games (Picture: Winaero)

The games are installed automatically in the game Explorer from Windows 10th There, they can then be easily accessed without effort. The user enters this easy-to-system search the term "Games Explorer" and have all the games are listed.

Did they all brought Windows 7 games on Windows 10, the following classics available for the user:

  • Solitaire and Spider Solitaire, Hearts, Freecell, Minesweeper, Chess Titans, Mahjong Titans, Purble Place, Internet Backgammon, Internet Spades, and Internet Checkers.