Of the Recuva download restores deleted files on Windows restores. It does not matter whether a file was accidentally lost or intentionally deleted. spoken Recuva, "Recover"Comes from the software company Piriform. This has made with high quality freeware tools like Defraggler, Speccy CCleaner and a good name in the freeware scene.

Recuva download for rescuing deleted data

Trash emptied files gone? Do not worry, even with that comes Recuva cope. The restoration works with all types of media, whether MP3 player, USB drive, memory card or hard disk. It will look Recuva after starting the program, a specific drive or the entire hard disk. After searching the data recovery then offers a range of recoverable files. Alternatively, all available files can be restored or meet a selection of the desired files. A data recovery later successfully restored files and folders are available in a directory that was previously set in the settings.

Recuva download

Recover music, movies, and emails with Recuva

The Recuva Download offers a Quick Start Wizard for convenient restoration of deleted files. An additional feature ensures the restoration of music, videos, e-mails and documents. A depth scan for sure deleted files is also on board. After the accidental deletion of a file, it is the way a good idea to store any more files on the affected drive - which increases the chances of a successful recovery.

Recuva Download Analysis

An assistant is on hand to help

Particularly promising, the data recovery is proving to NTFS disks. Slightly lower the chances of recovery on FAT drives as well as external data carriers. The operation of the data saver is easy. On assistant leads to the Recuva download through the steps of restoring deleted files. This is right after the start to help.

Select the desired file type and location searching

First, the user determines whether Recuva is to search for files of all kinds and especially for specific file types. It supports multimedia files such as images, videos or music and documents, e-mails and archives. The next step is to determine where to be browsed by the accidentally deleted files, either on all connected devices or for example, only on a memory card or iPod. Click on Start the search begins.

Recuva Download file type

Tick ​​the box corresponding entries

it may take a few minutes now until Recuva has completed the search for deleted files and presents the results of the scan in a clear manner. The user activates the checkboxes to which he would like to restore.

Recuva Download checkbox

Filter files with Recuva for drives

Useful are the advanced settings. These users can filter files for specific drives and also search for files. After all items are checked, you want to restore, just click Restore, and the deleted files will magically back on the plate.

Free lifebuoy deleted files

If Recuva will not find in certain files, you can still start a final attempt and activate the depth-first search. In this mode, the data recovery act slower but more thoroughly, thereby increasing the chances of a successful recovery.