The sequel to the cult feathered game has quite a kick. However, the search leads to Angry Birds 2 Cheats only to fraudsters. now learn how to really defeat the pigs!

Finally - after six long years now the Angry Birds is 2 Download for Android and iOS are available. The gameplay remains the same - the aim is to shoot pigs and their building with a colorful flock of birds. However, no easy task with only five lives, countless levels and new challenges. We show how to make the Schweinebande behind!

Angry Birds 2 Cheats

Angry Birds 2 Cheats: Once upon a time ...

Since Angry Birds 2 is based on the principle of in-app purchases, no cheats were provided by the developers Rovio. Still can be found chipping and cheat deals on the net to Angry Birds and other games of its kind app. Of these dubious offers but it is better to stay away. In most cases, it is scams that one only the money - want abluchsen - or sensitive data.

The only approach that may be the Angry Bird 2 Cheats can count on is the chance to win life. The trick already know many of Candy Crush Saga. By turning on his smartphone time forward, we obtain the new life for which you would normally have to wait. For half an hour you get a life, for every five they must therefore think 2.5 hours a day.

use capabilities of the Angry Birds correct: Tip 1

Compared to Angry Birds debut, the user can the characters with whom he wants to play in the second part, choose freely. This is a huge advantage, because each bird has different abilities. If you use these correctly, the levels can well cope 2 cheat codes without any Angry Birds.

Red has Battle Cry

in Angry Birds 2 Noted by the franchise articles Bird Red has a new ability. the user taps on a flight to Red, he sparked a battle cry. Although it has a limited radius, but can penetrate solid materials and destroy them. In the best case, use this ability with thick concrete blocks at the base of a box of TNT stands - the pigs are only fly like that. In addition, Red pays so diligently into the Destruction barometer.

The use of blues and Chuck

Face challenges with buildings and obstacles made of wood before, Chuck should be used. The yellow bird is the strongest weapon against this material. In ice, however, the Blues should be selected. Dividing the bird at the right moment to a trio can easily be large areas of ice damage.

Angry Birds 2 Cheats The Blues

Silver and Matilda no low-flying aircraft

Good to know is also that the two Vögel Matilda and Silver are not particularly well suited for low attacks. Both require a certain height in order to demonstrate their skills properly.

Tip 2: Fighting swine bosses

Also for the bosses, of which there are different levels, the user does not need any Angry Birds 2 cheats. It is enough if one takes the environmental advantage of the level. So it makes little sense to simply chase a bird as a pig boss. One should rather aim at the supporting part of the building to bring the structure and thus also the boss to case. Or you bombed it from the air with objects and so much trash as possible.

Angry Birds 2 Cheats bosses

Tip 3: Angry Birds also go back time

Optimally, one finishes a level with three stars. to get this but it is not so easy. Therefore, the Hint: Easy later go to a section of a level if you have enabled new birds and magic. With these, the star can be easily - even without Angry Birds 2 Cheats - collect.

Tip 4. collect gems and unlock objects

Gemstones are important to be able to buy magic for example in difficult levels. Therefore, one should make every effort to collect as much as possible. without having to spend money on it, one can obtain objects or jewels by now and then look at promotional videos. Another great way to unlock items, is also meeting the daily quests. You can find these tasks on the small menu on the map.

Angry Birds 2 Cheats Spitting flower

Tip 5: Use Spitting flowers

In all sections spewing flowers are available. In some cases it is possible to let the birds fly into. You will then spit out where they should go. but you can also send pigs and objects into the abyss - that is also a great way bosses without getting rid of Angry Birds 2 cheats.

Fans use to their advantage: Tip 6

When fans turn up in the game, which can be quite annoying. So they can easily mess up a trajectory. Therefore, one should always keep its trajectory, which is indicated by the dotted line in mind. but you can also take advantage and get an extra speed boost or a lift or an elevator during an attack.