Far Cry 3 has been rated by the successor to Far Cry 2 and by many as the clearly better and more exciting game. The story is independent of Far Cry 1 and 2, so anyone can play the game without any problems and without any introduction.

The Far Cry 3 download for PC, Xbox and Play Station 3

Of the Download Far Cry 3 directs the gamer immediately to the manufacturer's website Ubisoft continues where he can purchase the game for sale. He can decide between the PC game version for Xbox or Play Station. Fun open-world game all times. The quality is similarly well in all versions, so everyone is completely on its own expense. The following video guides the gamer a little into the world of the game one:

Far Cry 3: Adventure on a tropical island and dangerous

This time it is in Far Cry to the protagonist Jason Brody, who makes his friends leave and for a free skydive captured on a deserted island by pirates.

Far Cry 3 Download

Only Jason and his big brother can free themselves and in the further course of the game it comes that Jason wants to free his friends and also save. He gets to know the inhabitants of the island, a war tribe to which he feels connected soon. In between, there are next to the main mission yet to fulfill certain orders and side missions, in which the gamer can even compare directly via the integrated online leaderboards with other players. The End let the manufacturer for the gamer freely selectableEither he chooses his friends or he opts for the indigenous people and brings his friend to.

The graphics of the game absolutely successful

is for Far Cry 3 the second version Dunia Engine used which brings out everything from the gaming world, which gives it only get. The graphics are really up to date and captivates the gamer from the start with its features: The characters are cartoony, but was nevertheless created very similar to humans with great attention to detail. The environment is kaputtbar and also equipped with many subtleties.

Far Cry 3 Download area

The controller is running smoothly and the synchronization of the background noise is coherent. Here is the game like other arcade and action games, divided for free download, in game episodes and scene-cuts, which are significantly different in image quality. The metamorphosis of a man The Far Cry 3 download is something for die-hards who can deal well with the transformation of a man into a cold-blooded killer, because this kind of metamorphosis is Ubisoft game over. At the end which is again more than apparent from the various outputs. But the game is coherent, equipped all the time very exciting and with many subtleties that make it very worth playing.