Of the SCARM download truncates the somewhat unwieldy English term "Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller" from. For German, this means a scale planning for model trains various gauges on the PC monitor.

With the SCARM download own rail world

Specifically, SCARM suitable for model railways in nominal sizes TT, H0 and N. Logically, brings the planning a helper extensive selection of components from renowned manufacturers as Fleischmann, Trix or even Marklin, from which one click by click puts together his own little world rail. Recently, the model building planners even allows for the Creating custom elements in 2D and 3D. The libraries contain not only the tracks as the base of each plant, but also buildings, signals, and whatever else is needed to grow the plants for mini reality. A measurement tool ensures at SCARM also sure that you will not break completely with all the enthusiasm, the extent of his hobby cellar.

SCARM download

Sample data for each of the supported gauges

Not only that, shows the model railway software via mouse click on a three dimensional view of planning. The SCARM download offers in addition to the installation file sample data of the manufacturer for each of the supported gauges. With SCARM can be Railway lines following railway track systems and libraries draw: American Flyer, Aristo-Craft, Arnold, Atlas, Bachmann, Bemo, Eishindo, ETS Fleischmann Frateschi, GarGraves, Hornby, Jouef, Kato, light railway, Kuehn, Lenz, LGB, Life-Like, Lima, Lionel, Marklin , Mehano, Micro Trains, Millhouse River Studio, MTH, Peco PIKO, ProLine, Roco, Rokuhan, Ross Custom switches, Tillig, Tomix, Tri-ang, Trix and Walthers.

The SCARM guide for now, simple Oval

Every beginning is difficult. Therefore the user is best to start with a simple Oval. After downloading and installing SCARM To Choose Edit / New start point from the main menu and placed with the left mouse button the starting point on the base. By default, the system first "Tillig-TT-h" selected. Now choose track # 6110 from the left vertical track pallet and a curved track # 6210th The desired direction can be set by clicking on one of the fields. By multiple pressing the space key, the user repeats the curved track and forms a semi-circle on the base surface. Another track # 6110 and four cam tracks # 6210 and already is the first Oval completed. SCARM automatically connects the rails together.

make stretch on several levels

With SCARM, complex routes with stations can be created on larger areas and model them in a very realistic way with flex tracks. The routes designed the model train lovers on demand in multiple levels with different heights and slopes to the selected sections. Tunnels and bridges can be used and figures are drawn, creating around railway stations, houses and industrial buildings.

SCARM Download Export

Send three-dimensional view of the plans in SCARM

Particularly interesting is the 3D view of the routes. For this, the user simply selects the 3D button from the toolbar. With the functions in the Tools menu to distances and track sections can be measured. Eisenbahnfreunde export their works and other train enthusiasts present. It is also possible to print a list of the required tracks and use it as a shopping list.