Windows 10 is here - and therefore Edge. Whether intended or not, the browser is preinstalled. Who uninstall Microsoft Edge wants an IE deja vu experience. learn here what you can do!

The new operating system was released and Microsoft Edge download is also on board. We know already from previous systems and IE, who was also always-installed. What looks at first glance like a nice service, on second glance, an issue that could have come from the film series The Neverending Story or Groundhog Day. Edge rid of, is in fact not that easy ...

uninstall Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft Edge uninstall. (Image: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

Microsoft Edge uninstall: Is that even possible?

As already mentioned, 10 system is Edge, the successor to IE automatically in Windows preinstalled. Uninstall in the true sense is extremely tricky. As with the Internet Explorer, the user runs up against its limits. uninstall Microsoft Edge deactivation is not readily possible, but already. Who ever would have before the nose partout not use the browser and is thus not completely destitute.

Remove Edge of sight

Edge is so closely linked to Windows 10th Who wants to uninstall Microsoft Edge, therefore, faces a tricky task that requires to advanced knowledge. Who does not have this, you can remove the browser at least from his daily field by removing the associated icons.

Microsoft Edge uninstall taskbar(Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

1. Remove from the taskbar

  • To remove the icon from the edge of the taskbar, the user clicks the right mouse button on the corresponding icon.
  • Now choose the bottom option program from taskbar solve and the icon disappears.

Microsoft Edge uninstall Start menu(Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

2. Remove from the Start menu

  • First open the Start menu on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the desktop.
  • Now all the apps and functions are displayed on the Start menu. Also the browser is to be found under the tiles.
  • To remove Edge, the user clicks a right click in the tile.
  • Finally, the possibility is clicked solve from the start.

Microsoft Edge uninstall remove Start(Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

Remove completely Edge: For professionals

Impossible it is not natural to uninstall Microsoft Edge. However, this deep interventions into the system are needed, which is complicated and not just done with two clicks. For the average Joe user and lay people this is too delicate circumstances. Anyone who does not trust himself, who should rather accept the fact that Edge lying around somewhere in the system.

To uninstall Edge, you have to remove the operating system (C: \ windows \ system apps \ Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe) the system app. In addition, the user must remove all links and all the files to delete browser (C: \ Program Data \ Microsoft \ Windows \ AppRepository). obtained the rights for the Access Control List. So Microsoft Edge no longer shows up in the search, the app's index should also be re-created. Moreover, removal of the cache from the app data directory is part of the process.