With the Revenue surplus statement Download the user fetches a professional tool for calculating the profit on the home computer. The software records various data such as income, expenditure, posting text, contribution amount, document number, the rate of VAT and much more.

How much revenue has the last year been? What were the issues? With the revenue surplus statement Download the user with a useful tool that engages him in answering these questions under the arms and supports the accounting. The software is specifically aimed at smaller companies that manage their finances on the principle of revenue-surplus bill. Freelancers can organize their financial affairs in order.

Revenue-surplus accounting download for smaller companies and freelancers

After the revenue surplus statement Download the user with a comprehensive tool available. Top left one carries the posting year. Among them is the Options area, whether this just revenue or expenses are recognized. In the other input fields you can rename the document and whether the document numbers are automatically incremented. In other input fields can further specify various data, such as the VAT rate, the VAT as a number or account number.

If all entries are made, the program displays a button to the overall result. The exact period of calculation can be selected before. The result can be printed concluded. Toll: All entries one transacts download after revenue surplus calculation, the program stores in the DBF format. In this way, you can see the revenue and expenditure account as required and pass on to tax officials and thus saves duplication of effort and a lot of time.

Revenue surplus statement Download

transfer data from the prior year period

Another time-saving feature of the software for finance is the transfer of data to new records. In practice this means: All types of revenues or expenditures, as well as booking texts or VAT information is freely set in the program and stored. In this way, you can apply the settings from the previous year to save time or add only the prominence or correct the following year. After or before processing can import or export the entries as a file in CSV format.

Another advantage of the financial software with free download that download multiple users can use the program and get to the revenue surplus bill. You can store the files in different locations and continue editing from there if many program licenses are plentiful. The structure of the software allows you to search specifically for individual records and filter.