Watch series and movies on the Internet is always so one thing: either you pay for it, or it is not quite legal. And the offer is often limited. A little different it looks with the download from: The side – so really not a download in the sense – can you even stream current series, films and anime a variety of. And it’s free and supposedly legal. downloadFree and legal series & Co. stream? Allegedly possible (Image: Train Ever / Editorial)

Great choice when Download

Let’s face it: Great shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or even watch Netflix originals for free – and that also (allegedly!) legal. Who does not dream because of? The choice at download – and yes, we are talking about a normal, temporary streaming download – is gigantic. And, although they advertised with the slogan “quality over quantity”. Basically, you can find almost everything here, especially in the field series.

The movies I shows a little limited, but brings many blockbuster based on the pay-streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime and find themselves Co. – for example, all Star Wars movies.

In addition, there are still a few anime and comic series and a handful of documentaries – including Netflix originals.
Exciting is the “random series” function. If your so once you have no idea what you then next binge watchen – so look through constantly – can, you are the side a little push.

Once there was the way sometimes a German Live Stream Fox HD. This was but now canceled – for financial reasons, they say. download portalThe page shows up clearly designed. You’ll quickly find what you are looking for and can well just browse. (Image: Screenshot Series Ever)

Quality can cost here

Users, who may be considered a stream in 720p quality, may be the same straight on stream, but must first download with “Tampermonkey” a browser add-on – unless you use Opera.

but who logs on to the premium service that can stream content in 1080p. At 4K content to just work, they say. And the general user votes are convinced that the quality seems to be true. For a premium account you pay ten euros for three months.

What you can not but affect, is the language of the series. You can earn purposed either in German (in most cases) or in English. However, optional subtitles can be set. Should you not be available, it is part of the operators “just sign”. download browser add-onWill you about Chrome, Firefox & Stream Co., you need a browser add-on. Opera is not necessary. (Image: Screenshot Series Ever)

Legal or not? That’s the big question

The operator of the site confirm that the streaming of the series is completely legal. After all, you do not work with P2P. Thus, the user per se is once actually used a certain danger because he uploads anything and not be distributed.

is amazing that you can not as user – is passed on to external sites – wielding it in and consorts. The contents are still not on for download, but are uploaded to external hosting and are only embedded on the portal. Embedding itself is in fact actually not illegal and is handled on YouTube like this. One goes away by Series Ever on uploading the content. Download FAQIn the FAQ it says they do not work illegally. Whether this is true is debatable. Here one should be careful as users. (Image: Screenshot Series Ever)

Nevertheless, this approach is that all this is not approaching with all legal matters. Even if one does not officially illegal uploads by operators and only legally embeds, you are in fact at least in a legal gray area. Because the licenses of the content has not almost certainly. User should be the clear – especially when they consider buying premium access.

Security concerns? Then rather let fingers of

And download the browser add-ons could also put a bit of a headache. Careful one should be in such a thing in any case. Because not all of the permissions that requires this addon, are necessary for streaming. Who’s afraid of data theft, should stay away.