Whether on billboards, on the Net or TV - read anywhere or you hear about Amazon's offer. But What is Amazon Prime actually? We have all the facts. now learn what is in the package it!

Amazon is not only one of the largest online retailers. The company has provided a service package for users with Prime, which includes several advantages. is most recently one can also download music and stream Amazon Prime.

What is Amazon PrimeWe answer the question: What is Amazon Prime?

What is Amazon Prime and what are the benefits?

The service Amazon is made up of different areas. It all started with the advantages in shipping, now especially the streaming services are the main arguments for Prime. Overall, the package costs 49 euros per year. Actually a bargain when you look at the variety. In addition, the user can test Prime free for 30 days.

Prime Music and Instant Video

Since the end of 2015, Amazon has its Prime offer extended to the field of music. The streaming offering so far includes about one million songs German and international musicians and bands. Compared to Spotify or Apple Music, which offer a twenty to thirty times the repertoire that is relatively little. On the other hand, the price-performance ratio is fair. Also includes various radio streams and the music on the PC can be consumed via app though. The app even allows offline storage.

What is Amazon Prime MusicMaking its debut: Prime Music (Source: Screenshot Amazon)

What is Amazon Prime yet? An important part is the great Instant Video offer. Prime customers can enjoy countless films and series of different genre for free. In addition to many new films like "The Hunger Games", "Selma," "John Wick" or "I - Despicable" is also found many film classics. In addition, in Prime are also some very popular series like "The Walking Dead" or "The Big Bang Theory" and included productions from Amazon, which run under the name "original". The Instant Video offer can be enjoyed on PC, tablet, smartphone (iOS and Android), Kindle Fire, smart TVs, console and Blu-ray player.

What is Amazon Prime VideoWide range of series and movies (Source: Screenshot Amazon)

eBooks on Amazon Prime

The question "What is Amazon Prime" can also be answered with "eBooks". Thus, the service also Kindle books available. However, the supply is somewhat limited. may borrow only an eBook and before selecting a new, must be returned to the other every month. In addition, only certain books bear the prime seal.

Free Prime Shipping

When it comes to shipping benefit Prime customers. So for the shipping costs if Amazon itself is the sender. Furthermore, Prime customers will be given priority, packets should arrive the next day. In addition, the express shipping is cheaper.

Unlimited photo storage

Another advantage relates to the depositing of photos. So can enjoy their memories Prime customers in Amazon Cloud Drive unlimited storage. The Prime pictures can be called device independent and also upload. Watching can also be achieved through smart TV, Fire TV or console.

What is Amazon Prime PhotoUnlimited photo storage for Prime customers (Source: Screenshot Amazon)

Conditions for Amazon Prime

Besides the question What is Amazon Prime is interesting of course, who can use Prime? Actually, there are hardly any restrictions must be out of the user at least 18 years old. In addition, the offer for companies and legal persons and the commercial use is prohibited. The Prime contents described are applicable to Germany and Austria. Abroad Prime Music and Video, for example, not there.