With the Invitations download Send hosts free the appropriate virtual invitation cards for a cocktail party, the summer festival, the barbecue or other celebrations in the house or garden. Animated invitation cards for almost all occasions are available.

Invitation card download as an enrichment for every occasion, to meet with friends

Who is planning a big birthday party or simply want to invite a few friends only briefly to get together to drink or a cocktail after work to meet for a beer, uses the Kisseo Web App with the virtual invitation cards. The beautifully animated and backed by Music Cards enrich every invitation to a barbecue, a picnic or meet with friends another occasion.

Invitations downloadInvitations download for almost all festive occasions

18 different designs for invitation cards to choose from

The recipient of an invitation card looks a real small film by one click. In the mail even he is confronted with a prompt to click on a link to view the invitation. Alternatively, the invitee can also copy the link to the invitation and paste it into the address bar of their browser. 18 different designs are available for designing and sending the invitation cards.

Invitation cards Download MapThe host can specify on which day the invitation cards to be delivered.

The handling is quite simple. The host selects the subject and are in the field Recipient's e-mail address of the guests. The sender shall contain at title, first name, name, email, country of birth. The user can also determine are what day land the invitation cards in the mailbox of the guests. A text box is available in which the host can leave a personal message that will be sent along with the invitation card below the animated greeting card.

The smartphone compatibility is noted with the invitation cards

The following are the titles of all 18 invitation cards. These are animated and accompanied by music. Useful is the indication of whether the invitation cards are suitable for shipping on smartphones. In this case, the card with Smartphone compatible is characterized.

  • Baby Shower - Save the Date
  • beer
  • cocktail Shaker
  • Summer is here! In the mood for ice cream?
  • A refreshing drink
  • Invitation Halloween Party
  • Invitation with champagne
  • birthday invitation
  • Invitation to the birthday party with Knetm√§nnchen
  • Finally summer
  • I love BBQ
  • Coconut cocktail
  • Will you come over for a beer?
  • Fancy a picnic?
  • Mojito
  • Champagne cocktail
  • tomato cocktail

Invitation Card Download birthday partyInvitations of all kinds - from the cocktail party up to the birthday party