The Windows 10 System Restore one of the fundamental and most important functions of the Windows 10 download. We reveal how System Restore works and how users of Microsoft operating system reset without complications Windows 10 for problems back to an earlier time!

Windows 10 System Restore: Windows back to the desired point

In the guide entitled "Windows 10 to factory settings" we describe how users get Windows 10 back to factory settings without that important data is lost. For those that do not want 10 to completely reinstall Windows, but the system would move back into a selected previous state only that Windows uses 10 System Restore.

No effect on the own personal data

The fastest way to get there is the search in the taskbar. The user enters there "system recovery" and selects "Create Restore Point" In the list of search results. With System Restore, the user sets the system files and settings of the computer back on a recovery point to a previous state. However, this does not affect their own personal files.

Windows 10 System Restorereset the PC to the desired item with the Windows 10 system recovery. (Picture: editorial)

The PC will automatically reboot before the system recovery

Before Windows starts 10 System Restore, you should make sure that all open files are stored, and all programs are closed. After the user selects the desired recovery point and confirmed, the PC is started by the System Restore automatically. The changes that System Restore can be made on request completely reversed again, since even before such a restore point is created every time you use. So if the problem was not really solved, for the user, the system recovery has set in motion, he can run it again and possibly use a different previous restore point to find a solution.

Any restore point can be selected from the list

The Windows 10 System Restore affects Windows system files, programs, and registry settings, but not to the personal files such as emails, documents or photos. It therefore allows no specific restore deleted or lost files. Who wants to choose a specific system time is first confronted with the most recently created restore point. can display with a hook on more recovery points of the users but also select any other point from the list. Here it is useful, just to look at the date and to use a restore point immediately before the point of time, the first time the problems were noticed with the operating system at that.

Windows 10 System Restore selectionShow more restore points (Image: editorial)

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Those who want to learn how to quickly and easily even a Windows invests 10 restore point is in our guide entitled "Create Windows 10 Restore Point" detailed instructions. We explain this step by step how it works. Those who want to repair and restore Windows 10, however, will also receive a step-by-step instructions!