The ** AntiBrowserSpy Download *** provides more privacy when the user surfs the Internet. In addition, the tool creates useful backups.

The AntiBrowserSpy Download for more Internet security

Nowadays, those who do not want to come all the Internet habits of users: operators of social networks, search engines or online stores. The activities of this curious instances can be set with a download AntiBrowserSpy finally over. The tool ensures namely for more digital security and privacy while surfing the Internet, because it refers to the minutes of controlled by the user sites.

AntiBrowserSpy download

Other functions of the practical AntiBrowserSpy

The essential purpose of prohibiting the capture of user behavior through the different web browser such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is supported by other, different, small features: So can with a AntiBrowserSpy Create backup browser, to secure personal settings such as bookmarks, other settings and add-ons. It also removes the tool unnecessary clutter such as the browser cache, cookies and history. All this is possible with the security tool after only one initial setting so that acts from then on the tool by itself and automatically in the background without any further action by the user. Thus it concerns with AntiBrowserSpy one of the clever tools to free download to remove spyware.

As the clever anti-spyware tool acts

This program has a "Browser stealth" surfing with the help of the user on the Internet anonymously. With a simple click on the appropriate button, this function is activated. This is only necessary once, after this feature, which camouflages the browser features start getting automatic. To create a backup of the user navigates through the menu bar at the top of the user interface to the point "backup" and created this by pressing a button and specifying a password.

AntiBrowserSpy espionage

Under the sub-item "task Scheduler" the user, the interval at which the program is to perform his services decides.

the privacy tools process

After downloading AntiBrowserSpy the user must bring about an e-mail address to register and indicate the activation of the software by clicking on the link sent. After that, the tool includes all previously open browser and provides the user with two questions:

  • Whether all stored passwords may be deleted.
  • Whether the user is the sole user of the computer.

Right after the user can then use to activate and adjust all the range of AntiBrowserSpy.

Limitations of AntiBrowserSpy

30 day trial.