Many had the problem safely before: New WhatsApp messages are not displayed and only appear when you open the app on their own. Where the problem comes and how to fix it, we show here, so WhatsApp works properly for Android and WhatsApp for iPhone again, as it should.

WhatsApp messages are not displayedSometimes it helps to activate the notifications within the app easy again.

WhatsApp messages are not displayed: System settings often guilty

Often it is simply the case that something has changed in the smartphone settings after you download a new update and installed has. Sometimes, however, the app itself is guilty and other causes are possible. but the push notifications can be activated again.The main reason is that messages do not even arrive or delay - and therefore also trigger no notification - is the lack of internet connection. If so messages sometimes appear and sometimes not, it is probably because.

WhatsApp messages are not displayed chat mutedEvery now and then are muted individual chats.

Nevertheless, it may happen that a WhatsApp message appears only when you open the app. At the notification is lacking then. you can check the error then possibly in the app's settings:

  1. Open WhatsApp and open the settings from the top right menu.
  2. open the Notifications folder: Are notification sounds and vibration activated?
  3. If so, individual chats can be muted. To call a chat from which you get no more Notifications and open the menu here at top right. Here, if the entry tone one appears, the chat is muted. If you tap the entry and alerts reappear. Chats can be the way to mute for 8 hours, a week or a year. The notifications can be disabled here.

WhatsApp notifications could be system-wide blocked

Also in the phone settings, the push notifications can be disabled - both Android and iOS devices. Android procedure is as follows, to check the:

  1. open the settings on your phone (either from the menu or use the dropdown menus).
  2. In the Application Manager applications scroll down looking WhatsApp and tap the entry.
  3. The entry can be found notifications. There is Approved, is actually the system side all right. If you tap on the item, you can change other settings. Shall alerts are displayed, the switch must be on top of green.

Also on iPhones and iPads, the notifications can disable and re-enable it. Here's how:

  1. Open the settings on the iPhone and find the entry messages.
  2. There, tap the entry WhatsApp.
  3. In the next window, select at least must allow messages to be enabled notifications arrive.

be WhatsApp message does not appear device settingsEmergency must be seen in the system.

Sometimes help Updates

In the WhatsApp- and in the system settings all is well, but still: The WhatsApp messages are not displayed? Then it may also be that either the app or system software are outdated and therefore cause problems. Then you should try the following sequence:

  • App update: WhatsApp is the most current version installed? Otherwise, simply upgrade through the Google Play Store or App Store or download the latest version here.
  • System Update: If the system software up to date? This can be tested in the device information under Settings. Here you can also manually check for updates, but also the automatic update is possible.
  • WhatsApp reinstall: If that does not work, Whatsapp should once completely removed and reinstalled. But for me before a backup, that's not suddenly all messages have disappeared.
  • Reset device to factory settings: Also has brought nothing? Then probably depends smartphone - as a last resort. A factory reset can sometimes work wonders. But Attention!: Before securing definitely all the data!

By the way: Who is connected to WhatsApp Web, not even receive notifications on his smartphone. With these tricks and tips the error should "WhatsApp messages are not displayed" but hopefully soon be a thing of the past.