With the Driver Genius Professional Download Computer problems and crashes durchveraltete device drivers can be prevented. Tired of the driver to keep up to date manually, the tool automatically updates device drivers for Windows, creates backups and restores the original versions whenever you need her. Via live update all drivers remain up to date and also numerous detailed information on installed hardware are available in the program.

Driver Genius Professional Download and Update Drivers

The manager for automatic free driver downloads scanned directly at program start the system installed hardware components. Which are automatically checked against an online database, then you can see the dashboard the number of available driver updates. Carefully listed with the name of the hardware and divided into driver packages and the driver contained therein, the overview gives users full control over where updates are available. To update immediately all drivers, clicking on the associated button is sufficient.

Driver Genius Professional Download

Scheduled scans for fully automated updating

After Driver Genius Professional Download the tool is carried out if necessary. For example, if a device is causing problems, or you just think it was time for a review of the system driver. Alternatively, there are scheduled scans for automatic testing of drivers that checks in various definable cycles the system. Scheduled scanning driver Genius selectively performs daily, from at a particular day of the week or a certain date of the month. Here, the desired time can be set. This is a good thing as far as desirable here would have the option to check for updates during breaks, so if the PC for a certain period was not used. If an update is found during automatic testing, the program informs subsequent about any news and offers users the ability to decide about the upcoming update.

secure drivers and restore

A very useful feature is the ability contained in the Driver Genius Professional Download to back-up all or only selected drivers. So are about after a Windows reinstall the drivers previously used quickly, easily and without the need to re-download with a few clicks ready. In addition, as driver installations on identical systems can easily clone. In this feature, Driver Genius provides various backup modes:

  • Default: Backs up the driver of all the components individually in a definable by the user folder on the hard disk.
  • ZIP archive: Driver Backs up all in a space-saving ZIP. The level of compression is selected by the user.
  • Self-extracting archive: Similar ZIP, the archive but packed into an EXE file, so just on older Windows versions no program is needed to unpack.
  • Auto-Installer Archive: This probably most sensible option creates a backup of the drivers and install them again. As is necessary on the target system for importing the fuse only a double-click.

Secure Driver Genius Professional Download Drivers