Vasco da Gama

Vasco da Gama

Of the Vasco da Gama Download is used for converting creative holiday tours in the form of videos in 4K Ultra HD and stereoscopic 3D. For this, the shareware offers both high-resolution maps together with symbols of attractions as well as various means of transportation for free use.

Vasco da Gama download for travel videos with professional animations

Since da Gama world find as well as regional maps and city maps in the collection of materials of Vasco, the tool presents almost all types of travelers. The distances covered provides the traveler after Vasco da Gama download in the form of various types of lines is where to move along planes, ships or buses on the cards. Each station’s own comments in writing or photos in various formats to tie one on request. For the most realistic representation of the travel itineraries of artists offers interesting effects such as shadows, night city lighting or animated clouds of steam or vapor trails of ships or aircraft.

Vasco da Gama Download

Vasco da Gama supports the import of GPS tracking routes

In the library of more than 300 mostly moving graphical objects beside technical equipment also humans and animals for installation in the travel cards. Photos placing also comfortable using the stored GPS data. To this end, Vasco da Gama understands with the import of GPS tracking routes from CRS, G7T, GPX, KML, TCX, OVL and others. Particularly impressive effects can be achieved with the camera movements. The lens follows the traveler quasi through the virtual landscapes. The finished films exported shareware either as digital video clips – also known as HD, HD-Pro, 4K / Ultra HD – or as a sequence of still images in BMP format.

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Three different versions of Vasco da Gama

The Vasco da Gama download is available in three different versions. Professionals use the version HD Ultimate with a well-filled GPS database to trace and travel experiences in remote locations precisely. In this embodiment, the user also has built object packages and "Earth Maps", In the Ultimate edition of the demanding itinerary animator can even select the reserved original airline.

Text and objects can be freely positioned

the variant HD Professional also contains a GPS database with about 238,000 towns and villages. GPS tracking routes are just as import as GPS data of images, which can be automatically placed at the location recorded. Up to 10 independent routes werdn same time illustrated on a map. As an introduction to the world of animation can travel Vasco da Gama Advanced are called. so that the user builds a custom images, enrich the freely positionable text and objects graphically as well as in content. The basic package can be as required by object packages (ships, aircraft, wildlife, u. A.) And extended by card materials. Other programs for travel-happy natures are available in our software catalog for free download.

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Limitations of Vasco da Gama

Watermark in the videos

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