Tango for PC provides Video calls via the Internet between PC users and owners of an iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablet PC. Similar to Skype users can make free video chat on smartphones, tablets or Windows machines.

Tango for PC Download as an alternative to Skype

Getting started is simple. After this Tango for PC Download borne by the user in the login screen own telephone number and contact such as name and email address. The next step is to add the freeware add the connection data of friends and acquaintances. An indication of the password and user name is not required. To make the video chat is concluded, both parties have to Messenger on the computer or iPhone, iPad, tablet PC or smartphone have installed.

Tango for PC Download

Tango for PC provides navigation and control elements in the iPhone design

By mail or SMS can be out, making friends and colleagues attention to the web service from the program. By design, to Tango for PC leans heavily on the smartphone versions. Navigation and controls are quite the iPhone style held. This has the advantage that tango surface on your Windows PC does a much leaner and more modern impression compared to Skype. The traffic of the Messengers is transmitted via the Internet or via a data network such as 3G, 4G or via WiFi between two parties.

There are no additional telephone charges

For users of mobile devices ranges one simple internet flat rate or a WiFi connection for covering from all connection costs. There are no additional telephone charges. In the waning Internet connection can the switch off bandwidth-eating video function lead and easy phone calls.

Tango for PC Download Spotify

Streaming service Spotify is in Tango for PC on board

The Messenger operates not only as a service for short messages and video calls, but also has several interesting extras like sharing photos and access to games and music on board. The music channels run it through the streaming service Spotify. Music lovers can use the Tango for PC Download discover new music and share with their friends. Video calls and messages can be requested with funny animations.

Tango for PC Download Design

Viable alternative to Skype Tango for PC features a simple user interface and cross-platform video chat between PC, Mac iOS and Android. The freeware can be used as a viable alternative to Skype free video calls between PCs, iPhones and Android phones respectively. When using the mobile Internet is strongly recommended, as extended conversations can cause high data volumes and therefore potentially high costs a flat rate.