With the 1&1 Control Panel app have 1&1 customer all the information around the own one&One contract available and edit fairly straightforward. Among other things, can be the one&bring one's own app data consumption, calling minutes and the number of sent SMS messages quickly and easily find out.

1&1 Control Panel app with a display of consumption data from telephony and SMS

The 1&1 app presents all invoices and offers the possibility of controlling the current consumption costs. The customer and contract data can inspect it and change. Directly in the app also the SIM card and roaming options are all set as desired. Consumption indicators are to ensure that the booked inclusive surf volume is not maxed out too early and if possible by the end of the month continues. In this way, users can customize their browsing behavior according to the 1und1 app.

1 Control Panel app; 1 &1&1 Control Panel app with the current consumption data from telephony, messages and data

Good overview of all 1&1 cost

The 1und1 Control Center app is also a good overview of the number of already sent short messages and the resulting current cumulative consumption costs. The consumption data are then updated every 30 to 60 minutes in the D-net and E-net every 2 to 4 hours. DSL users get the consumption figures slightly delayed. Here they are only about 24 hours later disposal.

view invoices and itemized

A detailed overview shows all invoices so that invoices for the last month have fairly decent check. The itemized bills can be found also on the 1und1 app if this feature before in one&1 Control Panel app has been activated. Other features include the display of all customer data, changing the bank and the show open invoice items.

1 & 1 Control Panel app costsGood overview of all accrued 1&1 cost

Reporting and fixing DSL interference

In addition, user name or password can be changed and make the SIM card settings, so the 1&Enable 1 SIM card, lock, unlock or exchange. Roaming settings for D network are also just above the 1&1 Control Panel app possible. Other features include a number portability, the reporting and fixing DSL interference and direct access to one&1 Customer Service. Apps other mobile networks are available in our library under the Telecommunications category for download.