Also still looking for the right words for the Easter greeting? We have the solution: The most beautiful and funniest Easter Sayings. Read on from here and just some other ship Greetings!

Who once again too late to send your loved ones even Easter Cards, can fortunately easily solve the in the digital age: love words and greetings can be easy thanks to downloads of greeting cards for Easter send as e-card. but are legitimate as greetings via email, Facebook or WhatsApp - after all, it depends on the content. Those who prefer something unconventional and upbeat wants for his WhatsApp Easter greetings, may serve here in our selection of the best and funniest Easter sayings.

Easter SayingsOur Easter sayings spice up any greeting card! (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Top Easter Proverbs: The cream of the crop

Ostergrüße whether traditionally sent as a card or by SMS, WhatsApp, e-mail or e-card can be super easy to perfect with a few cheeky or loving Easter sayings. In addition, the introduction succeed much better with spells. When the head is empty and you desperately looking for a suitable beginning for the Easter greetings, sayings and poems are the perfect solution. Because even taciturn Easter muffle to creative minds!

Anyone who has scoured the web for Easter sayings will have determined the selection of Easter sayings is huge and very complex. Between religious and contemplative quotes, there are also many classic poems of famous poets. In particular, the offer for fun and cheeky sayings for Easter is enormous. Many Easter sayings are as short and concise that they optimally as texts for e-cards or WhatsApp are Easter greetings. Who needs when selecting some help because he prefers the long search picks up for Easter eggs, if you please:

Loving sayings as WhatsApp Ostergruß

  • because what hops in green grass, my child, it is the Osterhas. Flink he hides egg to egg and also for YOU is one there!
  • I wish you all without stress, a beautiful Easter!
  • Easter is the time of giving and another thought. Not a Ferrari, not a minkfor a text message with heart! (Alternative: a message, e-mail, map, etc.)
  • Colorful eggs, large and small, want to rein in the basket. Happy Easter I wish you! ..
  • As a small Easter egg bounces fast times in your phone in and wishes you without question a few wonderful Easter.
  • The Easter Bunny is currently not rest because he has his paws full. And therefore it provides the trot from our best regards!
  • You are the splash of color in my daily grind. Happy Easter!
  • A joyful greeting for Easter can corrode the friendship never. In addition to that happy hours and a couple of eggs to be found!
  • Finally it's Easter, it's getting warmer. Even the Easter Bunny is ready and soon poorer by many eggs.
  • missing someone you badly, you want to Easter much that you are happy and cheerful, and much, much more.
  • Osterhas, Osterhas, sitting alone in the green grass, bouncing between the cavities, brings you Easter.
  • Many colorful Easter eggs, a nice Easter holidays, this and much else, I wish from my heart a lot.
  • The Easter Bunny has hidden it, now look what you taste.

Easter sayings funnyA funny saying, but behind the infected even a grain of truth. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Funny-cheeky comments for Easter

  • the eggs were suddenly cornered, it went pretty dirty chickens.
  • Who is playing with Easter eggs, Christmas has mess!
  • PLAAAATTTSCH !!!! - You were just hit by a mobile phone Easter egg. Welcome to the big digital Easter eggs battle! Please Send and wish others Happy Easter!
  • This is an Easter egg by WhatsApp. Here's how: turn phone on silent mode, go outside and throw very far away. Have fun searching!
  • You must now all be very strong, because I need you something sad to say: The Easter Bunny does not exist!
  • Hello my hare, despite all the competition for Easter, you're the cutest rabbit for me.
  • Bunny Bunny is looking for eggs hiding.
  • Come to me, my bunny, or I pull you the spoons long!
  • Men (women) are like bunnies: Intelligent, charming and sexy. But who believes in the Easter Bunny?
  • Oh, I'm probably a bit too late. Santa has stopped me, but still: Happy Easter!
  • Easter bunny looking warm nest to warm up.
  • Sweet Easter bunny to nibble on offer. Guaranteed low in calories!

Easter sayings poetA well-known saying of Wilhelm Busch (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Easter sayings of great poets and from the vernacular

  • It's Easter every yearfor the hare quite difficult. (Wilhelm Busch)

  • Knows everyone who's Anyway,healthy and invigorating is the egg. (Wilhelm Busch)

  • When the chocolate germinates,if after a long pressure at poet Lingen"bells ringing" to"Lenze's swing" finally rhymes,and the Easter Bunny back already pressed,then soon comes Easter.(Joachim Ringelnatz)

  • Hey, juchei! Come near! we are looking for the Easter egg!Continually, here and there, anywhere!Is it still so well hidden, finally there is yet discovered.Here's an egg! There, an egg! Soon, two and three Items since.(Hoffmann Faller of life)

  • Under a tree in green grass sits a small Osterhas.Brushing his beard and pointed ears,makes a male, peeping out.then jumps on to a set, such as a small, naughty sparrow.Looks now, what had there. And what is? An Easter egg!(Emanuel Geibel)

  • Easter Bunny there in the grass,Wackelschwänzchen, Stuppernase,with long brown ears,have lost an Easter egg!Between flowers I see are it.Easter Bunny, I can get it?(Volksweisheit)

  • danced to Christmas in the snow, at Easter frost in toe.(Wilhelm Busch)

Easter QuotationsImpressive Easter quotes from poets, philosophers and thinkers (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Quotes for Easter: The most beautiful Easter quotes from prominent thinkers

  • Who knows Easter, can not despair.(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

  • Easter is the victory celebration of eternal life.(Gertrud von Le Fort)

  • Jesus' resurrection shows that God says yes to our dying, but no to our eternal death. That is why Easter is my happy day.(Kurt Rommel)

  • Easter is the future of man. Here he is man again, as he had planned.(August Everding)

  • Become "silent Friday" and does not have the Ostertag, who has a bad day in the year.(Martin Luther)

  • The heart also has its Easter, where the stone moves from the grave, we just inaugurated the dust. And what you love forever, your forever.(Emanuel Geibel)

  • In light of the Easter sun, the secrets of the earth to get a different light.(Friedrich von Bodelschwingh)

  • For us every day is Easter, only that we celebrate once a year Easter.(Martin Luther)

  • The light of Easter is the Morgenglanz not this, but a new earth.(Gertrud von Le Fort)

  • Those who have heard the message of Easter, which can no longer walk around with a tragic face and lead the humorless existence of a person who has no hope. (Karl Barth)

  • Easter means that you can put the truth to the grave, that it does not remain in it.(Clarence W. Hull)

  • Jesus is risen and his message is still alive.(Del Ponte)