With the MIDI4all download the user is to capable of converting files in MIDI format to other audio formats such as WAV, MP3 or Ogg. The reverse path work, so converting audio files to MIDI format. In addition, the program collection or is the program rather equipped with a player and recorder. Although the graphical user interface seems to a bit dated but served its purpose perfectly. Amateur musicians and amateur producers can in our download catalog tons of software for making music free. An outstanding program in this category and for ambitious amateur musicians who work with MIDI files is MIDI4all. With the MIDI4all download the user brings a program collection on the computer that contains a player, recorder and converter into various audio formats like Ogg or MP3.

MIDI4all download

MIDI4all download includes a number of tools for recording and editing MIDI files

The acronym MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface to German: digital interface for musical instruments. It is here No audio files with audio data such as MP3 files. MIDI data are rather control data. Accordingly, when playing both the information such as velocity, tone duration or pitch of the individual keystrokes are stored in the form of digital signals via MIDI-OUT of the digital piano keyboard. These MIDI files are then transmitted for example via MIDI IN to the computer. Using the MIDI4all Downloads can be played the files and made visible to some extent in the form of musical notation on the screen. However, the main function of the software collection is undoubtedly the Conversion of MIDI files into audio files different formats. The key features include:

  • Integration of digital effects such as chorus and echo
  • Support Karaoke MIDI files
  • SF2 soundfont support
  • 44100 Hz, 16 bits, stereo
  • Up to 64-channel synthesis
  • Configurable Windows layout

Absorb with Midi piano tunes in MIDI format

included in the program collection is also the tool MidiPiano, a virtual keyboard, which allows you to record MIDI files. The layout of the virtual keyboard can be set up separately. In addition, different languages ​​and 128 GM patches are supported. The built-in program collection Midi-play Player is a free Windows program that enables to which singers and instrumentalists to play back MIDI files, such as for training purposes. The Chords ** Tool is a free MIDI playback and sheet music software program, optimized for guitar music. With this tool, users can insert, for example, chords and scales to sheet music. Last, but not least, in MIDI4all Download also AmazingMIDI contain a program that automatically transcribes music and WAV files converted into MIDI files. The tool is able to recognize individual musical instruments in musical pieces and transcribe. Useful MIDI toolkit for amateur musicians Amateur musicians of MIDI4all Download provides a very useful set of tools to create MIDI files, edit and expand their musical abilities. With the built-Midi play player the pieces can be played comfortably. For musical training purposes especially the Chords tool is helpful. Although the user interface seems a little dated, but is individually adaptable to the part and serves its purpose perfectly.