Of the ReBirth download is one of the absolute classics in music making on the PC. The resourceful team of Propellerheads enthusiastic in the nineties with his wicked Emulation of the good old Roland TB-303, with which one can be really sleep squeak it. But not only fans of Acid and Acid Trance get their costs with the integrated Emus of drum machines 808 and 909, it can also beat freaks bang tidy. Via ReWire ReBirth can also be integrated into DAWs.

ReBirth Download for Windows 64-bit

The binary rebirth of analog TB-303 is now no longer the youngest. Reincarnated in the days of Windows 95, as 32-bit was still a hot topic, yet has thought of x64 systems no. Accordingly, it requires a bit of trickery to get the ReBirth still running. Does not matter, the Rebirth 64-bit Installer and the Mod Packer 64-bit installer found in the download area. After installation, possibly some files to rename the program folder. Recognizable by an appended underscore _ at the end of the file extension, which is easy to remove. Also needed is the Windows help system for Windows Vista and Win 7. The fact ReBirth ISO download is, however, still needed because the program does not start with no disc.

303 download with integrated 808 and 909

Propellerheads Rebirth RB-338, as the magic box from the 90’s full name, has two 303s, one 808 and one 909 on board, each equipped with a pattern sequencer. Here, in a maximum of 16 steps in each case a pattern is arranged of which one can store 8 x 4. The two 303 emulations can be between the sawtooth waveforms (sawtooth) and rectangular (square) switch and each have six controls for the signal distortion on board:

  • Tune
  • cutoff
  • Resonance
  • envelope modulation
  • Decay
  • Accent

ReBirth download

The controller Accent does only his service when appropriate emphasis was placed in the pattern. The pots are operated either by mouse or MIDI interface with an external controller. Alternatively, to automate the whole thing through a DAW, make appropriate free downloads for music can be found here. To arrange your own songs, we recommend the already urgent. The built-in ReBirth Download Arrangermodus named Song Fashion has always been a wild beast that is hard to tame. You had to have rumquälen in the nineties so, you should now definitely prefer elegant resort to the MIDI automation. Although this requires first creating appropriate controller, but is still much easier to care for than to rise with the Song mode in the ring.

ReBirth download drum machine

The individual sounds of Drum machine 808 and 909 each of which has some controls to allow the volume and variety of sound adjustments, mostly, are regulated Tune and Decay. Otherwise, everything works exactly as in the two 303s, also to program 8×4 Patterns with 16 each Steps maximum. However, not only sounds of the good old 808/909 are available across the range mods are several alternative sound sets ready. Lots of ReBirth Mods, over the ModPacker also create their own mods tinkerer with their own sounds. Of course, this must not only drum sounds.

Built-in effects in Rebirth RB-338

Also available in ReBirth 303 Download a compressor and a pattern Controlled Filter (PCF) are available. Which are activated for each device on the appropriate button, but can only assign one of the devices. Yes, so this was in the nineties. Grinds to the audio signals but via ReWire to a corresponding host program could audio tinkerers there playing with effects to your heart’s content. This can be recommended anyway because the distortion is also available is available as an insert effect are available. This may indeed sound powerful, can thus not always settle with the desired sensitivity. A sound sample:

The PCF can be regulated in the parameters frequency, Q, Amount and decay and also has 54 presets groovy on board. Whether worth listening to 303 or drum machine, the result is as good as ever. The likewise integrated synchronized delay can be mixed in by regulators in each of the individual devices. Optionally, in normal or Tripletmode and with selectable steps, as well as feedback and Panningregler. This almost always means great sound fun with little effort.

ReBirth download Effects