The knitting chart designer Download generates instructions for knitting pattern. With knitted writings the explanation easier to understand in general and especially clearer than with the conventional stitch-by-stitch guide. The designer offers good opportunities for writing knitting magazines and to create their own symbols.

Knitting chart designer download allows writing with their own symbols

Of the Knitting chart designer Download already provides a lot of ready icons that friends of long thick needle own Write knitting chart can. Ex works, among other things includes the following items: rights mesh, mesh Left, No mesh envelope and edge stitch. Also 2/3 stitches (coated / folded) tog, 2/3 stitches left (coated / folded) tog, tog 3 mesh coated and patent mesh, mesh and Kraus Different patterns with auxiliary needles are.

Knitting chart designer Download

In addition, to create desired custom icons including related graphics and detailed and sorts the mesh overview after own Gusto order. So are the most commonly used when creating new stitches knitting writings always at the top.

Font Editors software for creating knitted writings

After downloading the knitting chart designer, the program displays a sample directly. It is recommended that a first new knitting patterns to produce and just to test everything. When creating a new knitting magazine you put next to the size of the knitting direction, hoping to all "empty" equipped as standard fields. As a rule, this should probably be the knit stitch, but there are all stitches already described above are available.

Approach the designer at his own knitting chart

To write now own knitting chart, proceed as follows: Right click on desired mesh, place left in knitting patterns with a click. To make a wrong click reversed to select the default mesh back and places them instead of the incorrectly set - unfortunately this is a bit cumbersome solved. is nice, however, that the field can always expand or shrink the menu items columns and rows.

Knitting chart designer Download procedure

Designating the knitting chart for publication

Under the tab settings specify knitting aunts (and -onkels) Various Details for the presentation of knitting chart fixed. These include a title and a final text to be inserted under the knitting patterns - including the definition of the font used, color and size. The legend is hidden in favor of clarity of on request. In addition, here you can adapt the design, ie margins and the width of each box.

Limitations of knitted font designer

Limited functionality: No save, export or print

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