New TomTom voices provide variety at the wheel. Quick and easy, the boring standard voice on TomTom navigation devices can easily exchange. We show how it works and what parts are available. More on this below!

New TomTom voices offer announcements with more oomph

Almost every motorist it is probably similar: At some point you can no longer hear the default voice of your own navigation device. If you own a TomTom navigation system, after all, has the opportunity to have the traffic announcements recite from a different speaker or speakers. To download new voices for TomTom Navi, your own TomTom device is connected to the PC and installed a freeware made by TomTom with the MyDrive Connect download. This also ensures a comfortable management of updates and road maps. Who still uses an older model Navi TomTom uses for the exchange of TomTom voices contrast to TomTom HOME download.

TomTom voicesNew TomTom voices: The Star Wars voices packet needs to opt for either side.

Download Free votes for Navi

After the Navi is connected via USB cable to the computer, are the TomTom voices online in browser in TomTom voices shop ready. Here, the user simply selects the desired voice and puts you in the cart. The Free votes are marked with 0,00 €. The user sets the hook by the voice, and click Start Download. Once the new voice will be downloaded and installed on your own TomTom GPS.

More TomTom Free voices including English, French and Spanish

Which TomTom voices are available? For a free voices in several languages. If you prefer a German speaker, has the choice between the male voice and the female voice Werner Lisa. more narrators are available for nearly all common languages. So you can make the correct route to your destination in English, French, Spanish and Dutch bid. Those who want to have something extravagant, used a prominent voice for which he has to pay a few euros, however,

TomTom voices spokesmanFree votes in almost all languages ​​are available in the Voice Store.

Star Wars voices package with Darth Vader and Yoda

Parent of votes shop is in the following categories: All, Free, cartoons, celebrities, comedy, movies, music and other. If you're looking in the category cartoons, found voices of Wallace and Gromit, and SpongeBob SquarePants. Rich selection at the celebrities is: Snoop Dogg, Billy Conolly, Brian Blessed, Roger Moore, Stephen Fry and Happy Holly give the Navi announcements more wit and pizzazz. Under comedy there is also gangster Tony, who knows how to stay on the streets difficulties at bay. Especially popular with motorists are the voices of Star Wars: The Star Wars voices package you have to decide for either side, since both Darth Vader than Yoda also are on board. Star Wars fans can look also can navigate from C-3PO and Han Solo. For all voices several audio samples are available so that you can listen to them once in peace and try before they end up on our GPS.

TomTom voices auditionsFor all voices several audio samples are available.